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My goal is to impact 10 million lives for good. I know I’ll probably never be able to directly help 10 million people myself, but through the power of leverage, together we Light Bearers can reach this goal.

People are struggling. They are looking to government, society and self-help systems for hope. Yet it remains elusive. Individuals and families are caught in desperate situations, yet no matter how bleak things appear, there is always hope if you know where to look for it.

The only true source of hope is Jesus Christ. By encouraging, empowering and equipping Christ-centered entrepreneurs, we can position ourselves for a combined revolutionary impact. As thousands of Christian entrepreneurs lead by example, our combined radiance will point millions to Christ for the hope and healing the world so desperately needs.

Expand your reach, influence and support system by connecting with other Christ-centered entrepreneurs. Join us today and be one of the 2,014 Christ-centered entrepreneurs who will be igniting their lights in 2014! Click here for details.

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Have you ever thought about why winners win? Crazy question, right? But seriously - what gives successful people the edge to win in life and business more often? 

Lazy opportunists love to believe it's luck. They imagine there is some "closely guarded formula" only whispered to those initiated into the "secret inner circle"! That's just nonsense! 

In reality, success is generated by one thing... RELENTLESSLY CONSISTENT ACTION! That's it. That's the "magic formula." 

So here are three things winners do that makes this formula work.

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Joanne Musa is a tax lien investing expert and trainer and President of Tax Lien Consulting, LLC and founder of She’s helped thousands of investors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners around the world to understand high yielding, real estate secured, tax lien certificates and profit from tax liens and tax deeds.

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I’m going to share something radical with you, something that flies in the face of what most of us believe about God, ourselves, and what life is all about. You may not agree with me at first. You may want to toss this book across the room and proclaim me a lunatic. But, humor me for a spell. Listen to what I have to say and see if this shift in perspective makes more sense than the victim theory most of us have about ourselves in relationship to God or even the devil.

With the perspective shift this book brings comes the power to create your own world and to know when God stands behind you in doing so. Click here to get your copy on Amazon for only 99 Cents.

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