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Marnie L. Pehrson has been helping entrepreneurs maximize and leverage online visibility since 1996. She is the author of 24 fiction and nonfiction titles. Marnie is best known among clients and colleagues for her ability to create win-win synergy, keep things simple, and get things done.

Marnie’s books, “Trust Your Heart: Transforming Your Ideas Into Income” and “Trust Your Heart: Building Relationships That Build Your Business” successfully convey these three principles as #1 Amazon Movers and Shakers and bestsellers in multiple Amazon categories.

Her most recent kindle book, “Stop Blaming God or the Devil for Your Mess” went to Number 1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases the day it launched.

Marnie uses social media in a way that few others can. She leverages the power of relationships to create triple wins for her colleagues, her customers, and herself.

In 2013, she taught over 70 individuals her Collaborative Creation and Story Method™ in her Create a WOW Book Program. The majority of these individuals went on to write, publish and create their own best sellers.

Marnie is the creator of one of the longest running article/content directories ( The site boasted content from over 200,000 authors creating a collaborative engine which generated multiple six figures each year in ad revenue.

Marnie now helps Christ-centered entrepreneurs leverage the power of connection to ignite their lives, faith and influence. Through and social media she seeks to build platforms for Christ-centered entrepreneurs so they can maximize their impact for good in the world.

Whether you read an article she’s written, study one of her books, or talk with her for 30 minutes on the phone, you’ll always come away with one thing – HOPE.

Why the Message of Hope Is So Timely

Throughout the recession, unemployment rates have risen dramatically. And even though the U.S. government reported a decline in unemployment to 6.7% in December 2013, the U-6 rate (which includes people who've been unemployed longer than 6 months) is at 13.1%. The CDC and several studies have shown a direct link between unemployment and hopelessness.

The depressed state of the global economy is doing two things:

1) It’s causing increased levels of hopelessness across the globe.

2) It’s incentivizing more people to find innovative ways to generate income through entrepreneurial endeavors.

Marnie Pehrson’s mission for the Light the World Movement and is to infuse a struggling planet with hope and to provide encouragement and support to those who proactively seek to provide for themselves and their families in entrepreneurial ways.

“My goal is to impact 10 million lives for good. I know I’ll probably never be able to directly help those people myself, but through the power of leverage, together Light Bearers can reach this goal.

People are struggling. They are looking to government, society and self-help systems for hope. Yet it remains elusive. Individuals and families are caught in desperate situations, yet no matter how bleak things appear, there is always hope if you know where to look for it. The only true source of hope is Jesus Christ. By encouraging, empowering and equipping Christ-centered entrepreneurs, we can position ourselves for a combined revolutionary impact. As thousands of Christian entrepreneurs lead by example, our combined radiance will point millions to Christ for the hope and healing the world so desperately needs.” - Marnie Pehrson, the Light the World Movement, and Marnie Pehrson’s books (which she often co-creates with other light bearers) are positioned to leave a legacy of hope and illumination that touches lives for generations.

If you believe in the radiating power for good that Christ’s light can make in individual lives through “cities set on a hill,” we invite you to join us and/or email for details on becoming a Partner Sponsor of and The Light the World Movement.