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10 Best Places To Pan For Gold

by Christina Goldman
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Often times when one speaks of vacation time, it is always associated with the Caribbean Cruise, long sandy beaches, and Disneyland, and not with places to pan for gold. There is no doubt that the aforementioned places are really great for having family fun and relaxation. But don't you know that one of the most interesting hobbies here on earth is looking out for these tiny pieces of gold?

The country is so in possession of abounding mineral resources and gold is one of them. Panning for gold can be a good recreation for the whole family. If the tale of the story of the great California Gold Rush of 1849, it might not be a bad idea if they can also have this sort of gold rush.

During the year 1849, the streams and streams of California were exploited by the early Yankees in the hope of finding pure gold. Successive history can have a unpleasant face, but who knows? To this date, there could be some loose gold just waiting to be found among the sands.

Just make sure that these places to pan for gold are environmentally safe and free from human hazards. The dirt will be nothing when one of your family members is able to extract gold from the dirt.

Best places for gold panning are:

  1. California being the 3rd in gold production
  2. Alaska, especially in Chitna and Slana River
  3. In the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas
  4. Blairsville Town of Georgia
  5. Colorado Mountains
  6. Benton to Yakama in Washington
  7. In the glaciers of Wisconsin
  8. Turquoise District in Arizona
  9. The counties from Beaverhead to Toole in Montana
  10. Counties in New Mexico
And before packing up to these places to pan for gold, make sure you've got enough supply of food, water, prerequisites, as well as maps to make this gold rush adventure a remarkable one. You may also need the right gold panning tools.

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