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1700's Halloween Costume Ideas

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The period of 100 years between 1700 and 1799 was so rich in events, both political and social, that it is, for us, an inexhaustible source of Halloween costume ideas: fashion, as we know it now, was born during the 18th century and both ladies and gentlemen competed in terms of fashion and elegance. So, if you are looking for a great Halloween costume idea, you should have a look at the books that talk about the European history during the 18th century. Whether you want to find a royal costume to wear this Halloween, you should take a look at the things worn by royalty in the European courts - particularly in places like England, France and Spain as well as Russia - where clothes were luxurious but different from a country to another one. Obviously, beside from royalty, there are many other categories of people during the 18th century whose clothes may inspire you your next Halloween costume. Long before, as well as during these 100 years there were bandits sailing across the seas to rob merchandise of commercial ships as well as passengers' properties.

The freebooter lifestyle and its consequences have been studied recently in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"; which is the reason why pirate outfits are very popular nowadays. One of the most profitable period of time for pirates was undoubtedly the 18th century, and for that reason it is very easy to find images of bandits garb in history books. The 1700's were also the time of revolutions. The French Revolution and, obviously, the American Revolution; that resulted in the birth of the United States of America, occured during this period of time. Through these events of the past, you now have the opportunity to choose among a wide selection of many excellent historically accurate costumes.

You could dress up as a member of the Third Estate, a Founding Father of the United States; or even a Native American like the dissident Dragging Canoe. The 18th century historical issues and particularly the revolutions should give you many ideas for costumes if you are looking to get something done. Last but not least, the accessories of that period will give you many more ideas for Halloween costumes: black ties, white crops, silk stockings, bicorne for men as well as red, white and blue dresses, camisole, aprons or powdered wig for women. Fascination was certainly a big part of everything in those days and if you want to relive them through your Halloween costume you should definitely aim as high as you can possibly go.

Going all out in the planning and design is the simplest way to make 1700's Halloween costumes work for you.

Have a happy Halloween!

D. Halet is an European history, Holidays and Tarot Cards passionate; she writes articles and creates websites dedicated to these subjects. For more info on Halloween Costume ideas, visit My Happy Halloween! and receive a free My Happy Halloween Guide.

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