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1923 Silver Certificate: How Much Is This Certificate Worth?

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The 1923 Silver Certificate is one of the most commonly collected and most popular paper notes.? You may not know this but all U.S.Currency that was minted prior to 1928 is larger than that of a modern paper bill - approximately one-half inch wider and over one inch longer!

For you trivia buffs - the term 'billfold' came about because these large-size notes had to be folded several times to fit in a wallet! Because of its large size, the 1923 note was affectionately given the nicknames of 'Horseblanket' or 'Saddelblanket.'? In fact, it was the last large-size certificate to be minted.

Once upon a time, silver certificates were one of the most desired and trustworthy of bank notes minted in the United States.? These notes were actually backed by real silver and could be redeemed at the U.S. Treasury for silver dollar at any give time. In those days, a dollar had alot of buying power!

The front of the 1923 silver certificate features the familiar bust of George Washington. It also displays the blue Treasury seal that was engraved on all silver certificates printed during this time and an decorative 'cogwheel' reverse.? Given the fragile nature and short life of paper money, only a very few of these extraordinary certificates exist today.

The value of these notes wholly depend upon the condition of the bill itself. Notes that saw average circulation would probably grade somewhere between EF (Extremely Fine) and VF (Very Fine). These certificates would have sharp corners, no tears, bright, unfaded colors and several folds. A lower quality note of F (Fine) to Fair would be worth less, of course.

If you are lucky to come into possession of a certificate in CU (Crisp Uncirculated or Uncirculated) condition with no folds, bends, creases, tears, etc., your value would be a great deal more than some of the listed prices that are found. Determining the condition or grade of paper currency is not a precise science.? It's very selective and each dealer has a different methodology as there's no 'official' grading system.

Okay, so now that we understand a bit about grading, how much is this 1923 silver certificate worth, if anything?? Well, according to the latest Red Book Price Guide, an uncirculated Blue Seal variety, signed by H.V. Spellman & Frank White or Walter O. Woods & White would be valued at $125.00.? Even a low grade such as VG is currently valued at $35.00!

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