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3 Things To Look Out For In An Everyday Bra

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Forget the bra burning movement by the women's lib decades ago. Those women who burned their bras then and have since refused to wear bras, probably have saggy breasts today. It is akin to cutting off your nose to spite your face. If you have breasts, wear a bra to support them. Period.

Now, if you hate wearing bras because they are uncomfortable, you are probably wearing the wrong bras.

1. Check Your Current Bra Size

What fitted you 2 years ago may be the wrong size now. Your weight fluctuates over the years, or months if you are dieting. If you lose weight, you would probably need a smaller bra. If you gain weight, your bra size increases. Pregnancy, hormone fluctuations all can affect your bra size.

If your bras cut into your breasts, or your sides or the straps cut into your flesh, your bra is too small.

If wearing a bra keeps riding up or doesn't stay put, the size is wrong.

Your bra should fit you exactly in terms of your cup size and the band size. Get it wrong and no matter how expensive your bra, it is going to hurt by cutting into you, or chaffing your skin as it just does not fit. Get a tape measure and measure your bra size then go get new bras that actually fit.

Next, even if the fit is exact, the fabric should be comfortable. Do you have a problem with itchy fabric the scratches you? Then avoid bras in those fabrics.

2. Comfort Level

Your bras rest directly on your skin. They have to be comfortable. If they are made of scratchy fabric, it can be torture wearing them. If they don't absorb sweat, well and good if you hardly perspire but if you sweat buckets, all that sweat trapped between your skin and the fabric can make you very uncomfortable, not to mention smelly.

If you sweat a lot, an absorbant bra would be ideal. Cotton is a great every day bra as it absorbs the sweat from your skin and lets it evaporate off.

Bamboo bras are even better as they are more absorbant than cotton and look more sophisticated, what with the silky sheen that characterize bamboo fabrics. Another plus is that bamboo fabric has anti-bacterial properties, which means, you'll probably still smell sweet in spite of stale sweat. That smelly body odor comes from bacteria breeding in your sweat and bamboo fabric puts a stop to that.

3. Your lifestyle

Finally, the bra has to suit your lifestyle. Breastfeeding? Get a nursing bra for convenience. When you workout or engage in sports, wear a sports bra for more support. Dressing up for a date? If you dress is low cut, a push up bra would give you extra oomph. Basically, choose bras you are likely to wear daily. And when you find your ideal bra, get several sets to tide you through the week.

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