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Pin Up Girls and 3D Models

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The soldiers and sailors of the second world war were among the first to start plastering these lovely pin-up girls, who posed to evocatively, on their walls and lockers. The phrase "pin up" originated in the 1940s. Often times these women would not only be found in cards and magazines, but even painted onto the noses of aircraft. These romantic and sexy girls were always sensual, and showing off a bit more of their skin that would be considered the usual for the time. These women are idealized forms of what a beautiful woman is supposed to look like.

Recently, 3D models - like Victoria from DAZ Productions - have become very popular, and take after these vintage pin-up girls. 3D computer graphics frees the artist from their pens and easels, and brings the vintage pin up into the modern world. In order to develop your own perfect pin-up, you no longer need time-honed drawing skills or painting capabilities. Because the composition follows the same rules as photography or painting, digital artists just need to understand the basics of posing and lighting inside computer graphics software. These works generally feature a 3D model of a woman, and various props that are rendered in software programs like Poser, DAZ Studio, or even Vue Infinite. This digital composition reproduces the Pin up Art spirit and makes Virtual Girls as sensational as real women. During post-work, such illustrations can be optimized with a little practice of graphics software. Classic Vintage Pin-ups join the 21st century using these radical techniques.

Formal Pin-up Art is not dead, it just democratizes! This new way allows everyone to digitally create their own pin-up girls. These pin-up girls might be made of polygons in their most basic form, but with a little texturing and detailing, they look quite beautiful. You can easily customize them to meet any look or fantasy that you have in mind! Finally 3D Pin-up Girls are the modern-day Pinups that hold the Pin up spirit in modeling and Digital Art.

Learn how to make your own 3D Girl using DAZ Studio™. Get your free e-book and learn all about 3D girls right away! Visit

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