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Gemstones and your personality

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Everything that you wear, own or like has something to do with your personality. The car you drive, the way you arrange your house, the way you move, and even the jewelry you wear. When talking about jewelry, we are not only referring to your preferred style: modern, antique or vintage. Also important when associating your personality with jewels is the colors of the gems you wear. Here is a list of colors, gems and their respective personality types: Black is for those who love cities, are rebellious, intellectual, mysterious and angry. Onyx and hematite are the usual choices. Yellow (amber and palm wood) is a lively, optimist color, for the creative and idealist ones, but might also infringe dishonesty, danger and greed. If you like yellow or think the description above is fit to your personality, then you should consider choosing either amber or palm wood as your gemstones. Orange is a color for those who thrive for adventure, are full of determination and enthusiasm, are warm and cheerful but also arrogant and over emotional. Gemstones suitable for this type of personality are agate or carnelian. Green is for influential and leading people that love nature, outdoors, are generous and just, but also jealous, greedy and misfortunate. Jade, Turquoise and emerald are best suited for this color and personality. Purple is better for artists, people of creativity and spirituality. It defines mystery, intrigue, nobility, but might hide arrogance, profanity and pride. Amethyst is perfect for those who have such a personality. Blue is for responsible and down to earth persons that prefer to be loyal, conservative and calm. Aquamarine, azurite and lapis are the best choices. Red is by definition the color of energy, power and sexuality. It means speed, love, passion, anger and blood. For those in this category, best choices for a gemstone are coral, ruby and poppy jasper. White is by definition the color of perfectionists, modern people defined by simplicity, balance and security. Definitive gemstones for this kind of personality are diamonds, dressy quartz, topaz and moonstone.

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