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Adbux pay-per-click, Scam or not?

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It seems like many of the online money making programs out there are possible scams. There has been alot discussion among internet users on whether or not the Adbux pay-per-click program is one of these scams. With over 100,000 members, Adbux is currently one of the hottest pay-per-click programs on the internet.

Adbux currently pays 1 cent for adds you click and 1 cent for ads your referrals click. There are usually around 10 ads a day you can click and you can only click an ad once every 24 hours. So if you and ten referrals click 10 ads a day you earn $1.10 a day. It's not a amount for those looking to get rich quick but more money can be made with more referrals clicking under you. Members also have the option to buy referrals from Adbux.

So is it a scam?

Joining Adbux is free but there is the option to upgrade to a premium membership. The only money Adbux makes off of its members directly is if they purchase referrals or upgrade their membership. Since normal membership is free, and if Adbux was a scam, the only people losing out financially would be members who put money directly into the program. But its only a scam if it doesn't pay, right?

Adbux pays its members through Paypal once the members have reached the $10 payout minimum. I have yet to read about Adbux not paying its members. Since being a member, I have received 2 payments to my Paypal account from Adbux. But how can they afford to pay over 100,000 members?

Adbux makes its money by selling clicks to advertising websites. Currently the prices for advertisers range $3.40 for 100 clicks up to $310 for for 10,000 clicks. So basically Adbux makes around 3.4 cents a click while only paying out 1, 2, or 3 cents for clicks to its members. It is unknown if Adbux receives commission for any sales made on advertisers websites.

So is it a scam? Only time will tell. As of now, Adbux seems to be legit.

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