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Advantages of Being a Police Officer

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Many of us like a challenge and many of us hate being stuck in the office. At some stage in our lives, a lot of people have thought about becoming a police officer and why not, there are many advantages of being a police officer to be enjoyed and it can be a career like no other.

So what are the advantages of being a police officer and why can it be such a satisfying job for those that take such a career path? Here are some of the benefits and reasons why it can be a very appealing job.

Police officers get the chance to make a real difference to the lives of many people in their community. This can be very rewarding for the right kind of person and for most people really beats the nine to five and an intolerable sense of boredom.

Police officers are challenged on a daily basis and they will never be met with a sense of déjà vu whilst carrying out their responsibilities. There is a very high price to be placed upon this and there are very few people who can claim to have a job as varied and interesting as the one carried out by the many police officers serving in the UK police forces.

Apart from the immense amount of job satisfaction that a member of the police force can enjoy, there are many other advantages of being a police officer. The salary is exceptionally good and the level of job security is very high as well. In such difficult economic conditions, there is no price that can be placed upon this.

Since the salary will increase year on year as an officer gains more and more experience, there is also a strong sense of financial security which can help with family planning and finding a mortgage. On the subject of mortgages, police officers are entitled to subsidised mortgages as they count as key workers. This can be of great help in finding a home and especially welcome amongst younger officers who may be starting families.

There is a chance of career advancement for members of the police and also a chance to specialise. As well as the incredibly comprehensive training that all police officers are given, there is also the chance to extend this into areas such as becoming a riot police officer or moving into the traffic division.

The police force is a hugely diverse and interesting organisation. It is no longer just a case of local bobbies on the streets nicking the odd shoplifter; the job now encompasses so many more walks of life and people from many other backgrounds.

There are many qualities that could make you a good police officer as well as many tests to take. Nonetheless, if you possess the qualities needed then you will soon be able to enjoy the advantages of being a police officer. So why not give it a go, it has to beat the boring office job!

As part of the police recruitment process you will need to submit a strong application form, pass the written exercises and stand out during the police interview. However, most candidates struggle with the police role play.

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