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Assisted Living - Why Choose Assisted Living

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Nursing Homes have a bad reputation. Over the past several decades there have been many problems. That's one of the reasons many elderly people dread being placed in a nursing home facility. But even if you find a very good one, your loved one is going to lose independence, privacy and personal freedom. It's important that you don't place someone into a nursing home before they need constant medical care. There is another option.

The alternative to a nursing home is an Assisted Living Facilities, popularly known as ALF. These facilities are for people needing assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), but who desire to live as independently as possible for as long as possible. Assisted living purpose exists to bridge the gap between independent living and nursing homes.

Level of Freedom

Assisted living centers are great for those who are not able to live alone, yet don't quite require constant care. Many assisted living facilities have centers for medical care, though this care may or may not be as involved or readily available as it is to those who are in nursing homes. Assisted living facilities provide some freedom while still assisting with ADLs such as bathing, laundry, eating, dressing, housekeeping, and medication assistance.

The Variables

The decision on whether to send your loved one to an assisted living facility or a nursing home rests on many factors, such as the following.

* Cost: Assisted living is rather expensive because individuals live in apartment-like settings. Nursing homes are cheaper because the elderly live in a more communal space, with little private space.

* Medicare is usually available for someone in a nursing home. It may not be for someone living in Assisted Living Facility.

* Facilities: Assisted living facilities are focused on individuals. Nursing homes are focused on the collective group.

* Place: While assisted living facility is a location for one or few particular aged at a time, a nursing home houses a lot of patients. The former house an individual who is given all the help and assistance he or she needs, while the nursing home offers far less individual care.

* Nursing homes are supposed to care for people who have a lot of health care requirements, and cannot care for themselves. Assisted living facilities are supposed to assist elderly persons who can basically care for a lot of their personal needs themselves.

* In an assisted living facility, skilled nursing care is not usually available except on an as-needed basis. A nursing home is more like a hospital environment and provides full-scale, skilled nursing care.

* Assisted living facilities are supposed to assist people in preparing meals, bathing, dressing or performing household chores. If your loved one is from time to time confused or experiencing memory problems, assisted living may be the answer. If they have a debilitating disease or condition, they might need a nursing home.

Consider Your Loved One's Welfare

When deciding on either a nursing home or an assisted living facility, your major concern should be the welfare of your loved one. It may be necessary to factor in the reality of costs, but there are ways of obtaining financial aid and in the long run, you'll rest easier knowing your loved one is being well cared for. Just keep in mind that if you end up with a situation that is fraught with problems, the effort and stress you invest in resolving the situation may not be worth the dollars you thought you might save.

For more info, see Long Term Care and Long Term Care. Ron King is a web developer; visit his website Authoring Articles.

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