"Best Abs Workout For Eliminating Stomach Fat"
by S Gronholm
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The answer to the constant request of "what is the best abs workout for eliminating stomach fat?" is... None! Abs workouts unaccompanied by other types of workouts will not create enough of a metabolic response in your body to create fat loss. So, there is no "one" best abs workout. I often get asked what the best types of exercises and workouts are for eliminating stubborn tummy fat in order to bring out obvious six pack abs. The challenge is that most people with excess tummy fat looking to try to bare their abs are searching for the best abs workout and some "miracle abdominal workout" that is going to slash the fat off their abs practically overnight. The point is... They are going about the situation entirely the wrong way! The truth is that you will not lose tummy fat by doing ab workouts. The trouble is that focusing most of your time and sweat on abdominal exercises and abs workouts to try to flatten your tummy and accentuate 6-pack abs distract you from discovering the correct workout programs that will truly reduce your body fat for good and provide you with the best abs workout to accomplish your goal. If I were to decide on an response as to what the best exercises are for losing belly fat, my answer would include full body exercises such as the following: Various forms of squats, lunges, deadlifts, clean & presses, snatches, swings, presses and pulls, mountain climbers, sprinting, etc. These types of full body exercises would take up a much higher percentage of the workouts I would design instead of abs exercises precisely targeting the midsection. The way you join those full body exercises into a strategic workout that maximizes your metabolism is also very important. Don't misunderstand me... I do recommend a certain amount of exercises that precisely target the abs and core, but these are only a small percentage of the programs I design for my clients. Instead of looking for the best abs workout, your effort is better spent focusing on the full body exercises that encourage the greatest hormonal and metabolic changes within the body. In addition, a side-effect of working out using mostly full body multi-joint combo exercises are that you indirectly work your entire midsection even though you are not specifically targeting the abs. Remember that the most significant factor for losing stomach fat to see your abs is actually in the nutrition arena. No matter how hard you workout, if your diet is full of garbage, then your abdominals will be covered with unattractive fat. Diet is without a doubt the "king of getting a six pack". So let's clear this up once and for all... Discontinue wasting so much of your time concentrating on situps, crunches, leg raises, and all those ridiculous worthless "ab contraptions" in your efforts to try to develop 6-pack abs. Instead concentrate on high intensity full body lifts using combination multi-joint exercises all strategically combined into highly effective fat loss workouts. Team that with a nutritious diet full of natural unprocessed whole foods as close to their natural state as possible, and those elusive six-pack abdominals will yours at last! So...What is the best abs workout for losing stomach fat? Look to incorporate a complete program of full body exercises (not focused so much on your abs), good nutrition and a program you will stick with. When you find that, you will have found the best abs workout.

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Best Abs Workout For Eliminating Stomach Fat

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