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Best Lead Generation Sources You Can Find

Best Free Lead Generation Sources by IgorHelpsYouSucceed
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If you are a starting internet marketer than you are probably all ready wondering about what lead generation sources you can use in order to generate leads for you home business.

I want to answer that question for you and to give you some specific places you can find quality leads in. The thing is that lead generation sources are easy to find but at the same time that is exactly what makes it so hard to actually get the leads. This occurs because those lead generating niches are available to anyone who is willing to look for them.

High competition within the lead generation sources is actually what makes the actual process of getting the leads so difficult. Nevertheless I am going to give you some specific niches where you can turn to in order to start generating leads right away.

1. Twitter. The number one fastest growing social network on the internet. Twitter has become very popular during the past year and right now is the number one social network in the world. Twitter has grew over MySpace and Facebook, and I am not even talking about YouTube.

2. Forums. Forums are a great place to use as a lead generation sources. There are plenty of forums for you to choose from but the most popular right now are: Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad forum, Mike Dillard's Better Networker, Conquer Your Niche, Warrior Forum. You can Google more forums, but I would not advise being involved with more than 3-4 at once.

3. Facebook. This is actually one of my favorite lead generation sources. Facebook is a great place to build relationships and as you may or may not know, the best leads are the ones who are built on trust.

There you go, three great sources you can use in order to start driving targeted leads for you business and generate sales on daily basis. However, let me remind you that there are proper ways of generating leads. I do not encourage you to spam and get into people's faces, but I do expect you being professional utilizing your knowledge right.

When you are going to use the lead generation sources I have just described above, I want you to remember the unique qualities and traits you need to possess in order to be a lead magnet. There are proven ways and scientific strategies on how lead generation is done and I really advise you master them before you dive in to the masses.

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