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Bill Bartmann Discussion about Body Image and Self Esteem

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Body Image and Women

Women are the most critical of their bodies, often having the opinion that they are too fat, short or ugly. While it is ideal to be height/weight proportionate, being different is not the end of the world. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are a good start toward improving one's body image and physical health.

There's good news, ladies; some men prefer more, some less; others just like it when you feel good about yourself, in spite of your "defects." Focus on your good points and people will like you; their attention will not be drawn to your "defects."

Men and their Body Image

Men tend to worry about being tall and strong. The worst "defect" for a man to have is to be short or small boned. Men believe the myth of the "tall, dark and handsome" or the "knight in shining armor." A man's self esteem will be very low if he thinks hi is too short or too thin. Like women, they can become obsessed with feelings of inferiority.

The good news for these men is that not all women like the big, buff, musclemen. Some women prefer a shorter man who has a strong personality or one who expresses self-confidence and of course, sensitivity.

Body Image with Adolescents

Teens and pre-teens worry a lot about their bodies, even as they are still developing. They are constantly comparing themselves to their TV, music, or magazine idols. Adolescents can fall into the "low-self-esteem" trap if they believe that they are not worthy if they don't resemble these above-average looking stars.

In extreme cases, teens are in danger of developing behavior problems, eating disorders, social problems and severe depression. It is important that everyone have a good self-image; half of which is your body-image.

Improve Body Image

Think about the following points; improve where necessary:

* Focus on the good points: long legs, nice hair, eye color, skin tone; come on! Everyone has something . . . find it and focus on it. * Start and maintain good eating habits; not necessarily a "crash diet" or some kind of strict menu plan; just common sense * Start an exercise program; simple cardio at first, and then begin adding other forms, like weight training or pilates exercise. * Walking is good -- choose parking spots that are further away when you go places, take the stairs instead of the elevator or take regular walks outside. * Avoid unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking in excess * Use good posture; sit up straight, stand straight and appear happy and confident.

Bill Bartmann has experienced the rewards of being a billionaire and the devastation of financial meltdown. He has had his moments of feeling down and even depressed; but he has also bounced back. Visit to learn more.

Bill Bartmann is a self-made billionaire who went from homeless at the age of 14 to becoming a billionaire, going bankrupt, then bouncing back to do it again! Bill has had his self-doubts and even bouts of depression; he wouldn’t be human otherwise. However, when self-esteem is strong and you’re clear about your values, then you can bounce back from the lows; each time, you bounce back just a little bit higher. Learn more at

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