"Getting a Bird Feeder for Your Apartment Balcony "
by John Stepleton
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If you live in an apartment you might feel that having a bird feeder is out of the question. However, this is simply not true. For people who have a window or sliding door that opens to a balcony or patio, then you can feed the birds and allow them to visit. Watching birds can be uplifting for your spirits and add color and balance to your small outdoor space.

Just about anywhere you go; you will see that bird feeders have come far over the last few years. Bird feeders are now made to fit in with the design components of your home or patio. There are many great colors, shapes and designs to choose from. There are generally two kinds of window bird feeders. One that can be mounted on the windowsill and the other that attaches to the window glass using suction cups. Those attached to window glasses tend to be smaller than their counterpart. Those are good for smaller birds- one small issue is that a larger bird can occasionally upset the feeder.

Windowsill feeders are a better option because they're larger and more suitable for large windows. They are also fairly easy to clean and fill with bird food. These bird feeders give you a fantastic chance to watch the birds feed from close quarters. Although you will pay a bit more, there are fantastic one way mirrors that allow the birds to eat while you watch them. You can see and watch the bird without it getting scared and flying away. You can still watch, feed and enjoy the birds even if you choose to live in an apartment.

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Bird feeder on apartment patio

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