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If you're looking for a new or used boat, or even if you're looking for a new boat, consider shopping online through a boat trader. A boat trader online can find you a very good used boat (or even new, as stated previously) for a very competitive price. (Using a boat trader online is also a great way to sell your boat; simply follow the same process as noted below, but in this case look for the highest price possible instead of the lowest price with the most features.)

How to use a boat trader online

Simply typing keywords "boat trader online" into a search engine (Yahoo is a good one) will bring up a number of sites that buy and sell used (and sometimes new) boats. There are a couple of considerations when it comes to choosing a boat trader online. Let's take a look at them.

Check out the company you are considering

When you type the words "boat trader online" into a search engine, you're going to come up with many listings that utilize these keywords, and most of those sites will be places that buy and sell new and used boats. However, to narrow down your choices, it's a pretty good bet that you can choose companies within the first five listings. It's not perfect, but because a top listing (especially in Yahoo) generally guarantees that that's a pretty popular site, it's also a pretty good indication that the company itself is reputable and does a good job serving its customers.

So within the first five to 10 listings on that first page, make note of each company's name, open up a new browser window, and type in each company's name as listed along with the words "complaint" and/or "review." This will bring up any complaints a particular company has; if a company has had several complaints, you'll know to avoid them. You can also check out each company on the Better Business Bureau's site at and see if they have any complaints listed there and if so, what the resolution has been.

Buy locally

When you are looking for your nice new or "used" boat, go to a particular site you choose and type in what will usually be either your zip code or your city and state. Most of these sites will let you narrow down your choices by location so that the seller you choose is located close to you. Since of course you'll want to buy your boat locally, this also makes it easier for you because you won't have to wade through useless choices that are all the way across the country.


Even though it's a good idea to go with a reputable company, chances are you have several choices as to reputable sites and companies when it comes to buying your boat, even locally. So comparison-shop once you find two or three companies that have boats you like local to you, and that have good testimonials and customer service.

Now, it's time to check out pricing. Some places will offer you a warranty on a used boat, say 90 days. This may be worth it to you even if a boat costs a little bit more than a similar boat on a competitor's site that doesn't come with a 90 day guarantee. The choice is up to you.

Nonetheless, the Internet makes it very easy to research choices and comparison-shop, so you should be able to get the boat you want through boat trading online for a very good price -- and with the features you want. What are you waiting for? The water is calling you.

Fred R runs an online auction site that trades in boats.

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