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Boxer Puppies - Are They Good Pets?

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You may that puppies are usually very active when they are young. This energy is one reason why they make wonderful pets for friendship. They love humans and listen intently when their master speaks and gives a command. Boxer puppies are like any other young animal... they like to bite. This is a pattern that can cause problems on down the road if not corrected quickly. When you are home, spend time with your puppy and never leave them unaccompanied outside. The curious nature you find so cute can lead them to hurt themselves or hurt someone else.

If you want to keep your puppy safe, you can use a crate when you need to leave for some time. Place some toys inside the crate to keep them from getting bored stiff. If you are trying to break him/her of the biting habit, do not be surprised if the toys are gnawed upon when you return. The biting and chewing is a sign that your puppy is bored and needs to get some exercise. Make sure you give it plenty of love and devotion.

Boxer puppies have two much desired traits: cleverness and smartness. There is no need to scream at the puppy when you provide them the obedience training. Using the training, you can give them the data to know what is right and what is wrong. Be consistent with not punish one way and then another for the same offense. If need be, put them in the crate after each offense. When they are acting correctly, praise them for it. Boxers are like children they need constant attention and look for love from you. Do not forget that they can be costly to raise with all their food, dog treats, and medical expenses.

Remember that puppies tend to be quite active and mature, as they get older. However, sometimes the puppy's genetics has a little to do with how it acts and how his personality may be. Were the parents extremely withdrawn or were they overly destructive or were they just overexcited at times? When your puppy is young, get them started on some sort of training program that way he/she can socialize. If you want some exercise yourself, take your puppy out with you. You'll kill two birds with one stone: you get exercise and your puppy is too worn out to be impetuous. Puppies should never be placed in obedience training groups.

Breeding experts say that boxer puppies would benefit more if owners would employ positive reinforcement training techniques. Such positive techniques could be toys, dog teats or even hug. This is a type of Operant conditioning and puppies respond better to it than scolding.

Jason Rusch is a Boxer Dog owner and enthusiast that has guided many Boxer owners through the essential steps of training and caring for their Boxer. To find out more about what it takes to train your boxer puppies properly, take a look at

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