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Boxing Gloves Design

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Boxing Gloves Design

The prime design concern involves the glove's padding. In sequence for a padding material to be effectual, it ought to soak up energy by condensing. The more it condenses the more energy it soaks up. If a material condenses too much, it finishes being useful since it becomes just a thin layer of opaque material. Partially as of this, unlike weight classes need gloves of different weights. A glove's weight is changed by adding or eliminating the layers of padding. If the same glove weight was requisite for all weight classes, blows thrown by the biggest and heaviest boxers would condense the padding further than its useful range, while blows thrown by the lightest boxers would hardly compress the material at all. In addition, many materials that offer outstanding energy assimilation also display a feature known as memory. Once condensed, these materials uphold their deformed state for an extended era of time so that the primary blow with a glove gives typical protection, but ensuing blows are almost unpadded.

Other design norm stem from set of laws and regulations of the various sanctioning bodies. For instance, USA Boxing, which controls much of the proletarian competition in the United States and sanctions all Olympic-style competition in the United States, needs that all gloves moreover be thumb less or have the thumb compartment attach to the body of the glove so that boxers can't prod each other in the eye. Further, gloves used for international competition, such as the Olympics, ought to have a part of the leather covering the knuckle region dyed white for scoring purposes.

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