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How To Get The Spark Back In Your Sex Life!

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You have been with your partner for years. You love each other, have built a life together, maybe even have children together and share daily responsibilities. But the sex life is going downhill, almost to the point where it is non existent. It is common for couples to experience this at some point in the relationship, either from boredom or not being able to make the time for passion and romance like you used to be able to because day to day life has taken over. By reading this we know you want to bring excitement back into the bedroom. When you start to have a dull sex life, you start to have problems and no one wants a troubled relationship.

Before we talk about how to bring that fire back into your sex life, we need to address a couple of important issues.

You have to show compassion as well as never letting your partner forget you love them. You also have to make the relationship a priority. Every relationship is different but these things are universally important. You need to make sure you are still being intimate with your partner on a daily basis and show that you are being supportive through any troubled times.

The next important issue is romancing. There has to be romance to have a good sex life. Give little tokens of your affection and gratitude often. Always hug and kiss your partner every day and try to spend some quality time together when you can.

To get the fire going, you need to have foreplay. You could cook a nice dinner for the two of you, draw a nice bubble bath with candles everywhere and have a nice warm towel waiting by throwing it in the dryer for 5 minutes. You could give a nice back or foot massage. See, foreplay doesn't have to be sexual, it has to get your partner in the mood for lovemaking. By being intimate and romantic, it will get the both of you in the mood. Lots of kissing, holding hands, lots of eye contact when you talk and making sure you smell good. All these should do the trick.

Now, for the fire. You could get some new sex toys or even better, you could use some berries and some whip cream and eat them off each other. This will bring some laughter and fun in. It's also really sexy. Or, you could let your partner tie you up or blindfold you or vice versa. If you are into that stuff of course, and if you're not, then you should try it anyway because it's exciting.

Some new lingerie is a good idea but what would be better is to do some role playing. Might sound silly but when you role play, you feel extremely sexy. For instance, a stripper and a customer or a porn star and a director, you could even whip out a camera and do some poses. The patient and the doctor is always a good one. You can get real creative with this sexual activity. When couples role play it puts a whole new perspective into their sex life and it works.

I also suggest, if you trust each other enough, to practice some bondage and submission. This is also an activity that depends on what you are into or willing to try. It all comes down to personal preference.

Then of course, the positions. There are hundreds of different sexual positions. Sometimes it's as little as trying a new one that brings the spark back into the bedroom.

These are my suggestions to kicking some life back into your sex. I guarantee that you will get that fire back in no time.

This article was written by Brandy Bisbee. Brandy has studied sex and relationships for many years. She has helped people all over the world bring love and romance into their lives. She wants to share with everyone the ways to have that perfect relationship inside and out with the ones they love. You can read more articles like this one at

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