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Building Materials for Your Chicken Coop

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Are you building your personal chicken house? You need to learn the importance of every building material for the chicken coop to be efficient. Here is some essential information on the most important materials for a simple to care yet efficient chicken coop.


Wood is perhaps one of the most important materials in making a chicken coop. Because it is one of the most essential in building your chicken coop, insure that when you purchase your wood it should have undergone treatment. Wood for chicken coop needs to be water repellant to be effective in preventing diseases. Your chickens need to stay dry while they are still young. Moisture will encourage sickness and diseases to spread. The coop, mostly made of wood, should prevent dampness not to contribute to moisture inside the chicken coop.

When you prefer to buy untreated wood, buy along with it a water sealer. Treat the wood yourself by merely following the directions on its package.

Chicken Wire

Another primary chicken coop material is the chicken wire. This material will be utilized to create the chicken run outside the chicken coop. You might need a lot of chicken wires depending on how many chickens you plan to keep or to reproduce. You want to have adequate chicken wires to let it be planted in the ground with at least eight inches in depth. Burying this material will prevent dogs, cats, and other predators to crawl underneath the chicken wire just to take at your chickens. Of course, this will spare the chickens and will prevent you from losing your animals. In addition, require the chicken wires to be placed high enough for the predators not to be able to climb over the run.


Many people don't consider insulation when making the chicken coop or house. But the importance of insulation can never be stressed enough. Chickens demand to be kept warm to survive the cooler winter months. By providing the extra measure of supplying some quality insulation, you will have the special protection to keep your chickens from getting sick due to the cold.


Windows are important to keep the coop comfortable. You need to have special windows that you can self install. It is much desired to have a superior and insulated window which will allow the nice breeze to go through the chicken house. It must likewise shut out the cold wind in the winter months. The window will also control the temperature and moisture during the hot weather of summer.

My Chicken House Plans is a dedicated site to chicken coop and various tips on building one. Need more details to Chicken Coop Designs? Learn more with our blog updates.

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