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Burping and Vomiting Cause Inaccurate Breathalyzer Exams

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Most people are not aware, that burping and vomiting invalidate breathalyzer tests. If you are stopped, and have done one of these things within 20 minutes of your test, it can ruin the accuracy of the examination. If you were to do this while in the presence of the the officer, they would be required to wait twenty minutes before asking you to blow.

If you are burping or vomiting excessively while under observation, this will be on your footage and most likely appear to be very incriminating. If you feel you have been wrongly pulled over for a DUI, and are worried about the accuracy of the breathalyzer exam, it may be in your favor to burp once or twice in front of the officer.

This will buy you some time to get your composure and show them in your physicality that you are sober. Also, if you have vomited for any reason prior to being pulled over, you can burp in front of the officer rather than attempting to explain that that has occurred. Showing an officer that there is reason you may not give an accurate breath test, is a better strategy than attempting to offer a verbal excuse as to why you would fail the exam. Know your rights, don't be a victim.

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