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Card Parameter Error in Cell Phone memory card

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It is hard to imagine how one would manage without a cell phone in today's hustle bustle world. Although each cell phone is unique in its own way, they all have one thing in common--the use of a memory card. Almost all mobile phones use an expandable memory for storing image, audio, and, video files. These memory cards use a flash memory for storing data. The Secure Digital (SD) card is widely used by many cell phones, simply due to their compact size. This card too, like all other gadgets, can get corrupted due to various logical factors. Corruption in memory card primarily results in one or more error messages. Often such errors lead to the loss of multimedia files. At such times, if you have no backup available, you can use an SD card recovery software to recover lost files.

A common instance of this occurs when you try to use your SD card in the computer to transfer or edit files. The card displays an error message saying that the files on the card cannot be previewed. Furthermore, when you try to copy them to the computer, you get one more error message:

'Cannot copy [filename]: the parameter is incorrect'

You can only see the files in the folder, but cannot do anything with the files. In other words, the files on the SD card are inaccessible.

The reason behind this is that at the time of formatting, the card had been incorrectly formatted.

One can try to use a card reader to fix the problem. It is possible that the computer is unable to read the card correctly. A card reader eases this process.

If using a card reader does not make your data accessible, then try to re-format the card. Formatting a card sets up a new file system, that allows the SD card to interact with the device (in this case, the cell phone). To format the card, follow the steps given below:

Double-Click on 'My Computer' Right click the drive that represents the SD card in the 'My Computer' window.

Select the 'Format' option.

Select the 'File System' tab in the new window that opens. Select the 'FAT32' option in the drop down menu.

In the 'Allocation Unit Size' button, select the 'Default Allocation Size' option.

Ensure that the 'Quick Format' box is not checked. Click 'Start'.

Once the SD card has been re-formatted, all the data on it is erased. To recover lost data, if you have no back-up, you can use an SD Card Recovery Software. These third-party tools perform SD card recovery by scanning the file system of the card thoroughly.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is one such SD Card Recovery Software that recovers data after all kinds of data loss situations. The software supports recovery of all kinds of multimedia file formats, including JPEG, GIF, TIFF, RAW, MOV, AVI, WMA, etc. The tool also has a free trial version so you can preview the recoverable files before recovering them with the full version.

Shaun Pattrik has 6 Years of Experience in the Software Technology field doing research in Stellar Info System Ltd which offers memory card recovery software and card recovery software.

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