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Don't know what cash gifting is? Basically it is freely giving monetary gifts to another party and expecting nothing in return. Sounds pretty darn crazy doesn't it? Why in God's name would any sane person do that?

Let me try and answer those very logical questions. Have you ever given to a charity such as the United Way, Jerry Lewis's telethon, Santa Clause ringing the bell at Christmas time in front of your favorite store, or dropped money into a jar at your local "stop and steal"? If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you have been part of Cash Gifting because you expected nothing in return.

Now let's take Cash Gifting a step further. After giving to another individual, perfect strangers start sending you a gift of cash. Whoa Nellie you say, why would anybody do that? The same reason that you did and by doing so you are helping out your fellow man. Just think, cash being given to you and its tax free. The question arises whether this is legal.

American and Canadian citizens have a Constitutional right to gift property, cash and other assets privately to another. These IRS gifting rules can be found in the IRS Tax Code, Title 26 which makes cash gifting100 percent legal in the U.S. The law states that individuals can gift up to $12,000 each calendar to an individual, per year, without the giver or receiver incurring any tax liability or obligation.

In these hard times wouldn't some extra debt relief come in handy? What's so nifty about many of these cash gifting programs are that they can continue giving you monetary gifts way down the road. Now I can hear you saying "This is just another pyramid scheme."

Pyramids are when the guys at the top reap all the benefits and the people who just came on board are left holding the bag. Most of the bad gifting programs that were in a pyramid structure have been weeded out. If you decide to come on board, with many of these gifting programs, you are the guy at the top in one easy step.

I had done a lot of research because I was very skeptical about this concept. The system that I opted for was Abundant Living System located at

Without a doubt there is no easier way to generate cash on the internet than setting up a Cash Gifting Home Business. You know what is really crazy? It's so darn simple. If you have a hook up to the internet then you can start immediately.

Remember the Golden Rule "Do unto other's as you would have them do unto you."

I wish you the best in what ever endeavor you may take.

A free lance author writing articles on MLM marketing in simple language for people to understand. Dan Welsch - Great Buys Savings

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