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Cheating Mate: How To Know If Your Mate Is Cheating

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If you suspect infidelity and you want to find out the truth you need to know how to avoid breaking the law in the process. Here are some key tips to legally find the truth.

Before we provide some tips, we advocate trying to save your relationship if you find your mate has been cheating. This should involve some form of professional counseling or meeting with your church minister to talk things out. Above all, do not attempt to punish the cheating mate by taking matters into your own hands. This will only result in serious ramifications for everyone involved. Do not allow your emotions to overrule your common sense.

You also need to check laws in your State (USA) or country to make sure you are not in violation. An unmasked mate could cause you a great deal of legal trouble so proceed with due diligence. If you spy on your mate with one of the many electronic surveillance devices, you risk breaking the law. You want to avoid using devices such as so-called room "bugs," and video or telephone recording devices. Many devices actually violate federal law and can only be used by licensed professionals or by court order. You need to employ other methods to get at the truth.

Now that you know some of the legal and personal ramifications, here are some tips to help you catch a cheating mate.

If your mate uses a computer, you can install Internet tracking software on the computer that will allow you to know where your mate surfs and what they are typing when they are online. This can help you keep track of them and quietly satisfy your curiosity about whether they are actually cheating. Internet tracking software is not expensive and beats the higher cost of hiring a private investigator. This is the best way to know what your mate is doing when he or she is online.

To build an airtight case against the cheater, you need to have abundant proof. Where you find one sign of infidelity, there are usually several other corroborating signs just waiting to be found. Cheaters nearly always display multiple telltale signs. Knowing what to look for is the key.

For example, duplicate gifts are especially suspicious. You should question when two identical gifts, or receipts indicating that two identical items were bought, show up on billing statements. This is a common trick. The cheater will be ready to explain why two pairs of diamond earrings, or two identical gold bracelets show up on a credit card statement. For example, they may claim it is a billing error. However, it is common to find that an affair partner is the recipient of the second gift.

If you suspect workplace infidelity, offer to attend all company parties with your mate. If your mate gives an excuse as to why you cannot attend, this is a warning sign. If you are permitted to go, observe how your mate interacts socially with co-workers. This can reveal the presence or absence of a workplace affair. If the suspected cheater is romantically involved with someone on their job, their body language and behavior around the affair partner will give them away.

A cheating mate will usually communicate with his or her affair partner in some way on Christmas Day. It may be a phone call, an e-mail, a text message, or even a quick visit to drop off a Christmas gift. If you have previously found signs of infidelity, the telltale signs found during the Christmas season could provide the final proof that you are dealing with a cheating mate who is indeed having an affair.

Remember, you might be wrong so gather a significant amount of evidence before confronting your mate! If you accuse them of infidelity without any proof, and they are innocent, you can do serious damage to the relationship. The trust will be broken, both ways and broken trust is almost impossible to restore.

Find out if you have a cheating mate. Jim DeSantis is an award winning broadcast journalist who provides a Free ebook "Catch A Cheating Mate" - here! No email or signup required. It's an instant free PDF!

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