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Common Chicken Egg Laying Problems

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Raising egg laying hens can be a great family project that everyone will enjoy. The practice of raising egg laying hens is growing in popularity as the sustainable living movement gains momentum. Anyone that has egg laying hens has experienced chicken egg laying problems at one point or another.

Chicken egg laying problems can cause panic in new chicken owners and can frustrate chicken owners who really need maximum egg production every day from their hens. But, usually you will find that chicken egg laying problems aren't the result of anything actually being wrong with your egg laying hens.

One of the most common causes of chicken egg laying problems is the diminished number of daylight hours that occur in the fall. When there are not enough daylight hours, your hens will naturally start laying fewer eggs. This isn't really a chicken laying problem and is more a rhythm of nature kind of occurrence.

I allow my hens to take a break during the shorter winter months because I just use the eggs for me, my family and some friends. It gives my hens a rest and I worm my hens during this time. I have to toss any eggs I get when I worm my flock so less eggs or even no eggs is not really a problem for me personally.

If you really need your egg laying hens to increase their egg production back to summer levels, then you should know that they need around fourteen hours of "daylight" to kick back into optimum egg production.

As far as chicken egg laying problems go, this one is easy enough to solve. Just hang a heat lamp or two in your chicken house to increase the amount of "daylight" your egg laying hens get every day. The heat lamps will also make the hen house warmer which is another important factor in egg production. The cold the exterior temperature, the fewer eggs you will get from your hens. It's best to put the light on a timer so that it doesn't run all the time and the timer will take care of that for you.

Your hens will probably take a few days to a week or more to adjust to the new "daylight" hours but once they do, your egg laying should ramp back up again. Lack of enough daylight hours is just one of many chicken egg laying problems that you may encounter with your egg laying hens.

There are a lot of conditions that can cause chicken egg laying problems. To find out more reasons why your egg laying hens are not laying, CLICK HERE. You can also find out what “normal egg production” is in chickens by CLICKING HERE

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