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Right & Left - Three Little Lambs: 5 Facts About This Crazy-Tastic Printable Christmas Game!

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1. What Is It All About?

Another crazy gift passing game, this right and left story includes Baby Jesus. It still has everyone scrambling as they listen for you to say right or left while you read this story! Perfect for a gift exchange.

2. What Are The Rules of Play?

Guests gather in a circle. If this is a gift exchange, have everyone start with their own gift. Otherwise, pass several gifts you have pre-wrapped at even intervals. When you start reading, guests will pass gifts left - and continue passing them left - until they hear you say right. Then they continue passing right until they hear you say left. This continues until you finish reading, then the player who has a gift at the end of the story gets to open it.

3. What's Included?

The story is included in printable game format.

4. Where Can You Find It?

Only on the internet because this is a printable game. The game is not shipped You can start printing as soon as you order.

5. What Are People Saying About This Crazy Passing Game? Nancy from Florida, "I have used your games for two years now and think they are great. I have done parties for family and groups from my church. I like things that are educational as well as fun." Linda from California said, "I had two get-togethers actually . . . 1) Christmas party with my Ladies' Bible Study, and 2) Our family Christmas gathering. With both get-togethers, everyone had so much fun playing. I'm still receiving positive comments about the clever games! I truly enjoyed the Left/Right Little Lambs game and would love to see additional Christian versions to that game (there are several secular left/right versions on your website). The ladies had such a great time. JoAnn from South Carolina had this to say, "It was for an office party--There was a blast had by all!"

There you have it, this crazy, gift passing game is easy, fun and appropriate for family gatherings and offices parties alike.

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