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Collectibles - History Of Pepsi Vending Machines

by Daniel Wright
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Old bottles from soda drinks like Pepsi and Mountain Dew are great collectibles. With lots of people collecting as a hobby and many more collecting them to sell and it's not just the bottles that are of interest as even the vending machines are becoming popular to collectors.

Some people are interested in collecting vending machines. The first vending machines were just self-service bins which had a coin cup. Afterwards, you could find automated vending machines that dispensed the soda bottle when the nickel was dropped in a slot. The advent of vending machines that made change was a huge breakthrough at that time.

Few Pepsi vending machines were made in the past and are now hard to find. Competitors bottles were smaller and Pepsi bottles did not fit in the their vending machines. Also, large bottle custom vending machines was not a viable option for Pepsi.

Due to this vending machine manufacturers had to make various machines according to size and design of bottles. This led to the hike in the price of machines. Pepsi people were very cautious about the cost of the machine. They didn't upgrade their machines. Only a few of them were installed and today you can hardly find any.

Then came the turn of electronic machines with a small computer which can collect sales and other data. In future these equipments will become collectibles. The day doesn't seem far when you can find a soda dispenser machine by swiping your card. Machines dispensing cans and 20 ounce size unbreakable bottles are quite familiar. Currently these models are not regarded as collectibles, however, a few people still buy these as part of their home decor.

A favorite among some collectors are working models of the rare machines that gave the buyer a fountain drink in a cup. The oldest models were relatively small and rest easily on a counter or table. These machines take up little room, but collectors who truly want the larger models will find places to store them.

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