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Cool Ways to Section Off Space

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Do you have a room or space that you need to partition or section off? Well, there are many attractive, creative and innovative options available for the same. Depending on what your need is you can choose from the various options.

You have the standard option of using a screen. This could be a wooden screen that comes with carvings on them or the oriental cloth screen on a wooden frame. You could get innovative with the screen and have a painted canvas screen as a room divider. Another possibility is to get a favourite photo printed on a fabric screen to be used as a divider. The height of the frame can be chosen based on the amount of privacy you want to create. There are options available where the screen can be folded and kept aside when not needed.

The curtains are another beautiful and attractive way to section off space. You have the liberty to choose the fabric, the colour and the theme. You can choose between readymade curtains that are available and creating your curtain from scratch. They can be used as room dividers from ceiling to floor giving complete privacy. Curtains also give you the flexibility to maintain partial privacy. When you need the entire room to be completely open the curtains can be held back. You could also get beaded curtains. The beads could be made of acrylic, wood, bamboo, shells or fabric. Again you have limitless choice and designs available.

If you like plants and would like to have a few indoor plants around, why not use them as your room divider. Put them in beautiful containers and display them. The ideal plants would be bamboo, dracaena, palm or the ficus. Be sure to choose a plant that isn't harmful to your pets. You could have each plant or tree put in separate container to form your divider.

A different manner in which plants can be used as a divider is along with trellises. It is best to use the trellis along with a planter box. You could have some beautiful indoor flowers in the planter with elegant vines climbing the trellis. Do remember that using plants as a divider is not going to give you complete privacy. But you are sure to have a pleasant and eye catching sight in the room.

A well designed sideboard or cabinet could be another option that you can use to section off your room. Of course this will not result in creating two separate and private areas but it will act as a good divider. The cabinet can be used to store things as well.

You could have the outside of the cabinet designed in glass, wood or leather to match your room's settings. Instead of a cabinet you could also use a solid bookcase to divide the room. Other storage options too could be used as a divider. You could have a show case that has shelves or sections open on both sides where beautiful curios can be displayed. Your creativity can help increase the options available. Make sure to choose a room divider that makes your space look beautiful and at the same time meets your requirements.

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