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DIY Fabric-Paneled Bifold Doors

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In any house, and bi-fold doors in general, and inexpensive, and effective means of space to eliminate the traditional door in the room, whether it's in the closet or the entrance to. It is very simple to spruce up your gates half times to add a little more decorative flair to your space. Use your fabric to enhance the bi-fold doors is a project that is easy to do yourself what can be done within a few hours, while does not hurt your pocketbook.

To decorate your doors with two-fold fabric, you have several different options to choose from depending on your lifestyle and decor of your room. Elegant French door to see you have two options: a plate full or half of the plate. You can also make the Commission comfortable using fabric and trim.

Full-paneled French door

To look at the door of the French full-paneled, and the purchase of one set (2 bars) of the curtain rod cafe, leaving a maximum of 2 inches from the door of detection on both sides of each panel. You can either buy the curtains, or at your own risk. If purchasing or making curtains, make sure your material is 1 to 2 times and half of the display panel on the door of your house a half-fold. There is no doubt of the proper measurement of the fabric or curtain so the curtain will be screwed. Choose a simple pattern when you choose your curtains or fabric so as not to overwhelm the general decor of the room.

When you install the device on the door panel half times, leaving about 6 inches from the top and bottom. Insert your penis in a pocket attached to the upper and Rod brackets mounted on the door panel. After the execution of a bar top, do the same for the rod pocket bottom. Format using a wire or a double-edged tape corded tie again; draw the curtain on the mid-together in the middle of the curtain. Repeat for each plate.

Half-paneled French door

This can be achieved and a half-paneled French door look in two ways. The pattern of more sophisticated, follow all the steps listed above except length. Should bar your bottom leaving about 2 inches above the bottom of the door panel half-fold. If you are interested in and tie the curtain in the middle just like the paneled door is complete. The second gives you your choice of more than a cafe country look. Instead of using two rods for each plate, use only one. And let your flow, such as the bottom edge of the window curtain. You can also use two curtains and tie again on either side.

Comfort panel

Commission rest is simple to do, despite the strength correctly is very important. Measuring 4 inches in each side of the door half-fold, and using a pencil and a yard stick, and follow the rectangular area you will be covered with fabric. Measure your fabric and cut according to measure the dimensions in your painting. Using an adhesive spray, lightly spray your fabric and attach to the plate. Using a thin decorative trim, painted in color format, with wood trim attached to glue or glue the appropriate materials for the door.

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