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Discover the Benefits of Black Beauty Tall Fescue Grass

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It can be discouraging to look out at your yard during extremely dry weather conditions to see brown, brittle grass, especially when you have taken time to create a beautiful landscape for your home or business. Black Beauty tall fescue can eliminate this common problem forever, as it is a resilient grass that withstands harsh temperatures and even some drought conditions.

Known as a deeply rooted, cool season perennial grass, Black Beauty adapts well to a variety of soils, and even thrives on clay soils that are aerated annually. Black Beauty, like all tall fescue, sends a taproot about four feet into the ground, allowing it to access the moisture that other grasses cannot quite reach.

The difference in Black Beauty from other tall fescues is its unique leaf, which has a waxy coating that decreases moisture evaporation. This slowed evaporation process causes each leaf of the grass to become resistant to common diseases that can damage grasses.

Other characteristics of the Black Beauty tall fescue grass include: * A beautiful sheen due to each leaf's waxy coating. * A finer leaf that gives a soft, lush appearance. * Uniform basal leaves. * Deep, dark green color, even when other warm season grasses turn brown. * Survives in low pH soils where other fescues would fail.

Black Beauty tall fescue is commonly sold as a seasonal product, November to April, for climates that excel at growing cooler season grasses. It produces a lovely bunch-type growth habit and spreads by tillering.

Because the climate can be so unpredictable, it is a good idea to go with a hearty, tolerant grass like Black Beauty. When it comes to achieving the most beautiful yard possible, it pays to go with a resilient grass that can look great even when weather conditions are not ideal.

Forget following the crowd--your yard can stand out in the neighborhood. As other neighbors' yards turn brown and crusty, your Black Beauty grass will maintain its green hue and verdant appearance. You may find that neighbors flock to your yard to find out how you do it!

Even better, choosing Black Beauty tall fescue for your yard means that you don't have to overspend on your water bill to keep the grass looking healthy. This smart grass knows how to dig deep to find the water it needs to grow, thrive, and keep your yard looking its best.

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