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Most of us are more than aware today that many of the processed dog foods available at the local supermarkets have little to no nutritional value whatsoever, they leave an awful lot to be desired. However, these same dog foods continue to be sold by the truck load even though there is overwhelming evidence that they are the primary cause of poor dog nutrition and premature death for thousands of dogs each year.

There is much more awareness these days as to what we should be feeding our dogs to supply them with wholesome and nutritious diets but there are still millions of our precious pet dogs being fed processed dog foods because of either time constraints or a lack of education on the subject.

So why are these commercial foods killing our dogs? In one phrase, Free Radicals! Many of the commercial dog foods either lack anything resembling decent ingredients to start with or are cooked at such high temperatures that any nutrients or antioxidants they did have are killed off, and this is where major problems begin to occur. They simply provide little to no protection for our dogs whatsoever.

In the body, free radicals are produced when oxygen combines with complex metabolic molecules. Free radicals are highly unstable molecules ready to react with anything they can. When they react, the result is called "oxidation." Once the oxidation process begins, it can produce a chain reaction that generates more free radicals. Oxidation in the human and canine body is the same thing that happens to metal when it rusts. The rusting or oxidation can destroy a strong piece of metal in just a few years. By painting the metal or putting on a rust-inhibiting product you can prevent rusting. This is the same thing that antioxidants are doing to the "rusting" in our dogs' bodies--preventing oxidation and keeping them strong. Like the rust inhibiting product which prevents the metal's cells from oxidizing and degrading, antioxidants prevent our dogs' body's cells from oxidizing and degrading. Fortunately for their bodies (and their health), antioxidants are capable of joining with oxidizing free radicals, thus rendering them harmless.

Internally, free radicals damage tissue and can adversely affect our dogs' immune system which can lead to a myriad of canine health issues. They weaken and can destroy cells and the DNA in the cells. Scientists believe that DNA damage is a major component of the aging process. DNA is an amazing substance that tells cells when to divide, how to make enzymes and other proteins, and how to direct all the other cellular activities. If DNA is damaged, cells cease to function normally, causing a host of potential problems and diseases. Damaged DNA can be repaired, but occasionally the repair job is defective--in the worst case, a cancerous cell line can begin.

The good news is that there is an excellent answer to these potential problems, Natural Astaxanthin! After years of research in to Astaxanthin and its many canine health benefits it is truly amazing that this wonderful compound is still very much a secret as far as dog health and nutrition is concerned. It is also ironic that Natural Astaxanthin has been approved in the USA and many other countries, as a human nutritional supplement, for over 10 years and has been heralded the "best thing to hit the supplement market in 30 years!" So why is it such a secret as far as protecting our dogs is concerned? The answer is simple, it shouldn't be! But don't expect your local vet or pet food manufacturer to run down the street shouting about it, it won't happen unfortunately and we really should be asking why, the supporting evidence on the benefits of feeding Natural Astaxanthin to dogs has been there for the last 8-10 years!

The scientific studies and clinical trials provide overwhelming evidence that Natural Astaxanthin is a wonderful supplement for our canine friends and especially those that are still being fed processed foods, it provides them with excellent protection and helps them lead a longer, healthier and happier life. It neutralizes the free radicals caused by stress, exercise and the high level of contaminants we all live with today.

There is far more detailed information on exactly what Natural Astaxanthin is, the scientific study and clinical trial results and anecdotal evidence at but the below are just some of the canine health issues Astaxanthin has been known to help solve. It is a truly remarkable compound.

Helps prevent canine cancer, Reduces tumor size, Promotes cardiovascular health, Improves immunity, Prevents diabetes, Increases stress resistance, Inhibits H. pylori bacteria, Reduces gastric ulcerations, Aids the liver in detoxification, Prevents cataracts, Protects the eyes and brain, Decreases pain, Increases endurance, Improves fertility, Reduces stillborn deaths, Prevents DNA damage, Prevents cell membrane damage, Prevents enlargement of lymph nodes, Improves growth rate in young animals, Improves survival rate, Excellent anti inflammatory. The list continues to grow!

Over the last 3-4 years we have seen firsthand on a daily basis what Natural Astaxanthin is capable of with dogs so it is very disturbing that major corporations in the pet food industry have not picked up on it. This is especially so as an extremely large American pet food manufacturer successfully applied for a patent on Astaxanthin years ago and to our knowledge, has done absolutely nothing with it. With the close relationship many pet food manufacturers have with veterinarians it begs the question why this is the case?

It would appear dog owners are very much on their own as far as dog nutrition is concerned, if you are worried about your dogs' health and diet or simply want to enhance the life of your pet do your own research on Natural Astaxanthin, the evidence is now overwhelming and your dog will most certainly thank you for it.

Nigel Basson and his family have kept, bred and loved dogs for 40 years. They see the huge benefits of feeding Astaxanthin to their own dogs every day and are committed to getting the message out there to as many dog lovers as possible. To start feeding your dog Natural Astaxanthin visit

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