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Double Digit Returns Without the Risk of the Stock Market

double digit returns by Joanne Musa
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Are you tired of losing money to the market? Want to know how you can get double digit returns on your money and still sleep well, knowing that your money is in a safe investment? Well you can get double-digit returns with real estate guaranteed tax lien certificates.

Now is a great time to start investing in tax liens, especially since other traditional long term investments, like stocks, and traditional real estate are in turmoil. With the stock market you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, but the interest that you get on your tax lien portfolio does not fluctuate with the market or the economy, it stays consistent over time. And unlike other real estate investments, you don't need a lot of money to get started and you are in first position, even ahead of the mortgage.

When you purchase a tax lien on a property, you are not purchasing the property, but paying the taxes and placing a lien on the property for the amount of taxes that you paid and the interest that the county would normally charge the tax payer. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

* The county gets the tax money that they need to meet their budget.

* The homeowner gets extra time to come up with the tax money.

* And the investor gets returns of anywhere from 8 percent to 36 percent per annum depending on the state.

If the lien is not paid within a specified period of time (which is set by each state) then the lien holder can foreclose on the property in order to satisfy the lien. Now that's incentive for the property owner to pay!

But what if you want to buy tax liens, but you don't live in a state that has tax lien sales, and you don't live within driving distance of a state that does sell tax certificates? One alternative to buying tax liens at a physical auction is to participate in the online tax sales. There are only a handful of states that have tax lien sales online, but fortunately each state that does have online tax sales conducts their sales at a different time of the year. So you can participate in an online tax lien sale somewhere in the United States in almost any season of the year.

As of the time that I'm writing this article there are only 6 states that have tax sales online. And even in those states, not all of the counties have online tax sales. Each year, however more counties from different states move to conducting their tax sales online. The online tax sales are very different in each state, but they do have a few things in common. These counties make it easy for you to register and bid online. The most important part of purchasing tax liens, like any other investment, is doing your due diligence. To find out more about buying tax liens online including:

* which states have online tax sales,

* what these online sales have in common,

* and more about doing do diligence for online tax sale properties,

go to to get your short complimentary video and learn more.

Joanne Musa is a tax lien investing specialist. She works with investors who are ready to build a profitable tax lien portfolio. If you need more help and step-by-step instruction on buying tax liens online, go to

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double digit returns

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