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Vlad Dracula Facts - Story of Impaling Execution!

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Impaling execution, was the favourite method of punishment chosen by Prince Vlad Dracula (Impaler), everybody knows it. However, how the things happened? When Vlad (the Dracula) became ruler of Walachia in 1456 - for the second time - his first aims were to establish the domestically order of the country and to strengthen the state authority, seriously weakened in the last decades. Through more administrative decisions, Vlad Dracula Impaler also started a strong campaign against the thieves, robbers and criminals who could be met everywhere: in the cities, on the main roads or in the forests attacking the travellers, especially the merchandisers. Thus, he organized groups of soldiers to patrol and watch the delinquents in all these places; even for the least infraction, the delinquents were punished by beheading, but especially by impaling execution. The toughness of Vlad Dracula Impaler's methods has fast spread the fright in the country, so that the number of infractions has soon decreased! In that age, there were more methods of torturing or punishing a delinquent by death, but Vlad the Dracula chose one of the most terrible in that times: impaling execution!

In the spite of, he remained famous in history because of the impaling torture, please pay attention to the fact that Vlad Dracula Impaler is not the inventor of it! We should not forget that a cruelty atmosphere dominated Europe of the XV century! Many horrible methods of torture were created and used to all the European courts from Western Europe until Russia, as: the iron maiden, the saw, the impalement, the pulling on wheel, the hot iron, etc. Only a short description of any of these methods, would deeply terrify any man of our nowadays, but in that times these were a normal practice in judging and punishing the convicted people! Anyway, the purpose of these methods was not to kill instantly the unhappy victim, but to torture him as long as possible, until he died! Regarding the origin of impaling execution, there are more opinions about. Some historical sources attribute it to the Turks, that should have used it for torturing the traitors; others, claim that this method of torture has German origins. However, Ludovic XIV of France in the XV century or Ivan IV of Russia (or Ivan the Terrible) in the XVI century are two of the famous European kings that often used the method of impaling torture. As usual the impaling execution were used against the traitors, but Prince Vlad Dracula - Impaler expanded its use, by torturing also the thieves, the criminals, traitors, the enemies, etc; anyone who should have broken the law, betrayed to the enemies or attacked the country!

The main purpose was the victim not to die instantly, but to suffer horrible tortures as long as possible! The man impaled died slowly, after 1-2 days because of the terrible pains suffered, by hungry, thirsty and even by the raven's attacks! Prince Vlad (the Dracula) became famous through Walachia for his eagerness of honesty, justice and order. He trusted so much in the effectiveness of his laws that one day, he has ordered to be put a golden cup to a fountain at a crossroad in Targoviste town. Every thirsty man could drink water from it, but had to put it back, after that. Nobody ever dared to steal it, so that the cup remained in the same place for years during the entire reign of Vlad Dracula Impaler and even long after his death!

How the impaling execution was made, thus the victim to not die instantly but to suffer as much as possible? As he was not the only ruler prince who used impaling torture, why is Prince Vlad (the Dracula) famous because of it? Find more answers about Vlad Dracula history and his original Romanian story by clicking

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