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What are EOBBD Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils?

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When you are shopping for essential oils you will find differences in the prices of oils from different companies. The reason for this is because there are very few legal requirements for producing and labeling essential oils. Unfortunately this means that anything can and is being sold as an essential oil. This is why you need to be careful. Not only are many of the oils sold today ineffective, but some of them can actually cause adverse health effects.

Most of the essential oils sold and marketed in the United States today are manufactured with methods that destroy much of the complex live plant compounds, rendering the original plant's beneficial health properties pretty much useless. These oils, which might smell and look the same as high quality therapeutic essential oils, are called perfume grade essential oils.

Perfume grade oils are also usually diluted up to 48 percent with other more inexpensive oils. Because of this, and the fact that they are often extracted with cheaper techniques that ruin their potency, they do little more than smell good. If you are looking for real results and not just fragrance, you are just throwing your money away when you buy these inexpensive oils.

True therapeutic essential oils are complex and consist of literally hundreds of live compounds that come from the plant. Therapeutic essential oils are extracted very carefully to preserve the oil's potency. Quality essential oils should consist of the plant's true life essence and power-- concentrated into a powerful oil.

The way to tell if an essential oil is a therapeutic quality oil is to look for E.O.B.B.D. label. The letters E.O.B.B.D. stand for "Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined." When you buy an E.O.B.B.D. labeled oil, it is your guarantee that the essential oil is 100 percent pure.

So, when you buy an E.O.B.B.D. certified peppermint essential oil, you are assured that the oil you have purchased is only peppermint oil-- and the exact botanical species of the peppermint plant that is the most effective and healing. It also means that the best parts of the plant are used for that oil, not the cheaper parts. And the EOBBD certification means that it is distilled in the most meticulous way possible to extract the plant's full potency.

Although true therapeutic oils will probably cost you more, it is well worth the few extra dollars you might spend, because you will be getting a therapeutic essential oil that will give you real results.

There are only a few companies out there that have EOBBD certified therapeutic quality oils. I found what I believe is the very best, and it is the only one I would recommend. Founded by Dana Clay Young PhD, one of the world's foremost authorities on essential oils, this new company is called Be Young Essential Oil.

Dana Young's experience is shooting Be Young to the top in the essential oils and natural health care market. They have some amazing original powerful oil blends you can find no where else, like their Brazilian Amazon oil line. They also have other cutting edge health products that support wellness and healing, such as Masaji, a raw food based liquid supplement with maqui berry, that not only has the the highest combined ORAC value (an amazing 250,000+) of any supplement on the market, but it includes more concentrated marine phytoplankton than any other supplement drink on the market!

Now get these EOBBD certified therapeutic essential oils and health products at wholesale prices when you join Be Young Essential Oil as a Sharing Partner. You can just be a customer and buy essential oils at wholesale prices, or your can share the oils with others and turn it into a fun and profitable home business.

And for a limited time there is no sign-up fee, so you can join Be Young Essential Oil for FREE! You have nothing to lose and you could have your health and prosperity to gain. What are you waiting for?

To purchase Be Young Essential Oils go to now and sign up free! For more information on the awesome Be Young Essential Oil business opportunity go to now!

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