"EPOS - Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Point of Sale"
by Kevin Meaney
Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

EPOS is an electronic point of sale. EPOS software is software connected with computer that can be combined with other hardware, such as barcode readers, cash draws etc for accurately and instantly capturing the sales/transaction

EPOS is a variation of POS (Point of sale) software. The difference between the POS and EPOS is that both of them is used for recording and updating stock at the business. But in POS stock in not updated automatically one has to do that manually on the other hand in EPOS stock is updated automatically, saving great time and hence increasing efficiency.

EPOS software's are used for the business purpose that has regular sales such as retailers, hotels, wholesalers etc. Software of this type offers fast and accurate results and product information, helps in increasing the business efficiency and increases a level of customer satisfaction and therefore becomes very valuable to every business that has sales.

Nowadays businesses are looking for new ways to modernize there operations and work, and keep them secure and explore data to maximize returns. EPOS is the first machine providing input for sales and cash. The more the competition is, the more you will make the use of this valuable data.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of EPOS software:

  • It saves people checking stock and provides very quick service to the customers.
  • Employee work rate can be recorded and there performance can be evaluated fairly.
  • More accuracy and less time consuming.
  • Bills can be itemized therefore, less mistake in billing.
  • Stores prices and does calculations automatically- doesn't have to be memorized.
  • It can read credit cards as well.

    Apart from advantages there are many disadvantages of EPOS:

  • EPOS systems are expensive to install.
  • This software requires regular maintenance.
  • This software has to be updated if competitive edge is to be maintained against rival company systems.

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