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Easy Crafts with Straw Hats

Easy Crafts with Straw Hats by
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Straw hats are perfect for gardening, spending a day in the sun and spring decorating! Your local craft store should have a selection of sizes for you to choose from, ranging from the mini size at 5-6 inches to a large hat which is over 12 inches wide.

The following are some quick easy craft ideas to brighten your home.

Table Decorations

Mini Hats: Very small hats may be turned upside down at each place setting on the table, filled lightly with Spanish moss, plastic grass or paper shreds. Place on top a decorated egg just before dinner that can be eaten, or place a silk flower such as a daisy or daffodil on top of the filling.

Medium to large hats: Line your hat with plastic, a heavier plastic bag will work, place a soak piece of florist foam in the upside down hat and create a centerpiece of spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips, or pansies. Poke holes ahead of time in the foam so the delicate stems won't be damaged. You can also use silk flowers, or dried flowers to create a centerpiece in the same way.

Mini Hats: These are so inexpensive that you can purchase a dozen and use them as party favors. Glue tiny silk roses or other flowers around the brim, attach a small silk ribbon. Turn upside down and fill with candies wrapped in tulle, and tied with a ribbon. Candy coated almonds work well for this and are delicious!


Bunny wallhanging: Using construction paper, cut bunny ears, eyes, nose and mouth. Clue the ears from behind the hat, and glue the other face features on the front. Use chenille stems for the whiskers by cutting them the length you wish. If you do this project with small hats, you can let the kids make their own bunny.

Sunflower decorations: Purchase silk sunflowers and glue them around the brim of the hat, tie on a pretty spring bow and you have a simple, practically instant welcome greeting for your door.

Brenda Hyde is a work at home Mom of three, a freelance writer and editor. For more old fashioned recipes,crafts and free family newsletters visit or

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