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Entrepreneurs - The Top 7 Reasons for Outsourcing

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Most entrepreneurs I know are like me. We start out in the business world with a burning passion for success on your own terms. A heartfelt desire to shape our own future, with a freedom and creativity that's just not available to people in the 9-5 world. To be your own boss, to map out your own plan and go for it with all your might!

Yet the reality is that 56 percent percent of new businesses do not survive at least four years and many entrepreneurs that do survive end up on a treadmill. They work 60+ hour workweeks and can't take much time off because without them, there would be no income.

Outsourcing is what successful entrepreneurs do to grow their business and thrive. There are so many reasons for outsourcing! Here are the Top 7:

1. Do ONLY those tasks you are competent at and love doing.

2. Focus on making money. Why spend your valuable time and energy on tasks that you'd prefer not doing or that you're not able to do? Having a virtual support team gives you the freedom to focus on income generating activities.

3. Save money & Boost your profits. Outsourced virtual professionals, working from their home offices, charge for productive time only (i.e. Virtual Personal Assistants). Why invest in payroll, benefits, recruiting and training costs, equipment, office space etc. when you could be using that money to grow your business?

Instead of thinking of contractors as an expense, think of them as a Profit Center. Firstly, you are loosing money when you do tasks that you can pay someone considerably less to do. Take back that time and invest your time on activities to bring in more income. This is the principle of leverage at work - you now have an opportunity to earn much more and get more done with less effort! Secondly, delegate income generating activities (in addition to administrative tasks) as much as you can.

4. Have freedom to create and pursue opportunities. When you are bogged down by the many details of running your business, your creative juices are not flowing. Outsourcing will give you the freedom and time to work on growing your business.

5. Achieve a better work-life balance. Finally have the time you need to spend with your family or to pursue personal interests.

6. Access to new skills and highly trained professionals. You will have access to a wide variety of skills that you don't have when you outsource. Many virtual professionals can also provide you with referrals to other service providers you may need.

7. Have peace of mind -- priceless! You will have peace of mind knowing that the day-to-day details, follow-up, maintenance and marketing of your business are expertly handled by your virtual support team.

Plus, ENJOY your business so much, you'll be reminded why you started it in the first place! There you have it - 7 great reasons for outsourcing!

Your success and freedom as an entrepreneur depend upon your ability to focus on what you love and do best and eliminating and/or outsourcing everything else. Prosperous entrepreneurs have gone through the growing pains of letting go and outsourcing the help they need. Ask yourself right now: What would it be like to be among the entrepreneurs that succeed? What is the first step I need to take?

Outsourcing and Productivity Expert Michele O’Reggio, teaches entrepreneurs and service professionals how to take their business to the next level of growth without working more hours to create their dream lifestyle. Learn how YOU can get increase your profits, build a dynamic support team, systemize your business and achieve work-life balance with a calendar of your ideal workweek. Claim your FREE Work Smarter to Grow Your Biz package at:

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