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These days, who do you know that doesn't have a Cell Phone, SmartPhone,

BlackBerry, PDA, etc? And among those of us who already own such wireless

electronics, some of us always have to have the latest gadget. If you're one

of those people, here's where to get virtually whatever wireless electronic

device you want FREE. And if you know people who've just gotta have that

stuff, here's where you can make SERIOUS money giving away free cell phones

and other wireless electronic gadgetry...

When I first heard about this Free Cell Phone Affiliate Program, naturally I

was skeptical. I was like 'yeah right! you're gonna pay ME $50 bucks a pop

for every free cell phone I give away.' But the guys that run this Free Cell

Phone Affiliate Program assured me that it's true. So I gave it a shot--and

it's totally legit!

See, the principle is really simple. I used to live in Japan, where

virtually nobody paid for their actual cell phone because the Japanese cell

phone service providers got it. Now, the US cell phone service providers

finally get it too!

The reason is that due to the miracle of mass production, cell phones can be

produced relatively cheaply. So, from the cell phone carriers' standpoint,

since they profit from the service, it just makes good business sense to give

away the phones themselves along with service contracts so folks like you &

me can start using the service, which generates revenue for them.

And there's no lack of variety here @ all! When you join this Free Cell

Phone Affiliate Program, you can start giving away major wireless electronic

brands of Cell Phones, SmartPhones, PDAs, and BlackBerry Phones from well-

known carriers like AT&T (Cingular), Verizon Wireless, Sprint/Nextel, and T-


This amazing affiliate marketing business opportunity enables you to make

money on the Internet with NO investment, fees, or costs required whatsoever.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of Internet marketing or completely new to

starting an Internet business, this opportunity is for you. All you need is a

computer with Internet access and the willingness to work hard and achieve

your financial goals!

You get all of the following when you join our Free Affiliate Program:

* Free Membership - There is absolutely no cost to join our affiliate

program! There are no hidden fees or membership costs to remain an affiliate

either. We want to help you make money without having to spend your hard-

earned savings on unnecessary expenses. We simply don't believe membership

fees are fair to you! * Free Personal Website - We give you a personalized website that you can

launch and promote immediately after you join! Again, there is NO COST for

your free website. Your professionally designed website even allows you to

display your own logo if you wish! Click Here to View a Sample Affiliate

Website * Online Reporting and Sales Statistics - as our Affiliate Marketer, you

will have access to sales reports and statistics 24 hours a day. Simply login

to your affiliate account and view order history reports, click-thru

statistics, and more. Our reporting system was designed to give you the

information you need to optimize your marketing strategies. * Generous Compensation Plan - Earn generous commissions every time one

of your customers activates a cell phone (including any of our free cell

phone offers) on a new wireless calling plan. Plus, you also earn money when

any of your sub-affiliates signs up a new Customer! For commission rates and

structure, please check out the Compensation Plan when you visit


So, whether you're interested in getting high-quality cell phones & service

for yourself or you'd like to take advantage of the lucrative business

opportunity to GET PAID to give away free cell phones, we've got your number!

Shane Alexander has helped thousands gain access to FREE Cell Phones, SmartPhones, Blackberry Phones, PDAs, etc. To get Free Cell Phones and other wireless electronics, visit: ==> To take advantage of this opportunity to GET PAID for giving away Free Cell Phones, Blackberry Phones, SmartPhones, PDAs, etc, just go to: ==>

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