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Famous Belgium Food and Recipes

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In Belgium you find the nicest white asperses, great beer, wonderful chocolate, great grapes, amazing cheeses and the list goes on. When you combine great ingredients with creativity you get outstanding gastronomy and famous Belgium food. It's no wonder Belgium has the highest density of Michelin Star rated restaurants in Europe.

Here are is a recipe for a classic Belgium dish: Mussels.

Mussels nature Until 10 years ago, this was very often a cheap dish in a fish restaurant. Now those days are over and it's very often one of the most expensive fish dishes.

Good mussels are from Yerseke -Sealand, Holland. A quality check is to ask what kind of 'Zeeuwse Mussels' they have. The best are 'Goudmerk'. But Jumbo is also very good - Avoid the rest.

Do not believe that imperials and supers are as good.That's simply not true and those are not worth the 20 Euro.But, let's face it. You are probably not in Belgium and you still want to make Belgium mussels. All right! Let's assume you can find Canadian mussels in your store.These will do the job too. ? Of course, you should once taste the originals. Their taste can't be beaten.

Recipe per serving 1 kg of mussels (in shells) A big onion Fresh celery * Cut the onion and the celery in big pieces and fry it a bit in a medium pot. Avoid that it becomes brown.

* Add the mussels and put a bit of pepper. The pot should be maximum ¾ filled.

* Now put the fire on maximum for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, shake the whole pot. And give an extra 3 minutes.

Your mussels are now ready to serve.

Sauce. Take a bit of the juice that will be on the bottom of the pot. Add some mustard and a bit of mayonnaise. Congrats, this is the original Flemish mussels sauce.

Mussels are ready to serve when they open their shells. If you think they are ready after 7 minutes because all the shells are open, you are probably right. It might take a minute more too.

But it can't be 15 minutes. They will be destroyed!

Other versions

White wine Add a half glass of wine to them after the first 5 minutes and you have Mussels in white wine.

Garlic Add some garlic and cream to them and you have Mussels in cream with garlic.

Check out the website for a picture guide to eating Mussels the Belgian way!

Amanda is the web editor of Antwerp Tourist Guide . She makes available insiders information and travel advice on all you need to know about Antwerp.

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