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What to do in Case of Fire

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Being caught in an emergency like a fire is a very frightening situation which causes stress or panic which is not very helpful during the situation. Instead, as hard as it may seem, we need to maintain a clear head and focus on the things we need to do to stop the fire or escape from buildings or other crowded establishments.
Below are some of things you should do in case of fire:
* If you hear the fire alarm set off try to stay calm, then look for the nearest emergency exit sign and follow the directions. Don't use lifts and opt for the stairs right away.
* Most people take for granted fire drills and see this as a hassle and interruption in their work. However, it is important to participate in these events in order for you to know the standard procedure your building or organisation is implementing in case of emergency.
* If you do not have the capacity or equipment, do not in any way attempt to stop a fire. Instead, call the fire brigade as soon as possible.
* Familiarise yourself with the different warning signs in the building especially safety signs like fire exits, fire alarms, and fire fighting equipment locations to ensure your safety and preparedness.
* If you're the one who discovers a fire, sound the nearest fire alarm by breaking the protective glass on the alarm to alert everybody.
These are just some of the things you can do in case of fire. As you can see, having adequate warning signs is crucial to ensure the safety of everyone. Every building or business establishment must put up their fire signs wherever appropriate and ensure that that they are clear and readable under any circumstances.

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