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Five benefits of being Physically Fit

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In my last article I discussed three ways you can help improve your current fitness levels. By implementing positive lifestyle changes, using the services of a fitness trainer and taking advantage of fitness equipment you can quickly start to improve your fitness levels. With these improved fitness levels come a number of benefits which I will discuss in this article.

1) INCREASED ENERGY LEVELS:- When you exercise your heart works harder to pump the blood through your body. As you continue to exercise the strength of your heart increases and it can pump more blood throughout your body, providing more energy to muscles where it is needed. Your other muscles also have to work harder as you exercise and this increases their stamina levels. The overall impact is improved energy levels for you.

2) IMPROVED APPEARANCE:- Fitness training will improve the overall appearance of your body even if this was not your initial goal. By performing the exercises you will reduce your body fat levels and increase the strength and tone of your muscles. Even if your fitness program focuses on specific areas of your body, you will notice improvements in other areas too. For example, if you are training to tone your arms, your chest and shoulders will also show some improvement.

3) IMPROVED BODY RESISTANCE:- Regular exercise will allow your body to build a resistance to a number of ailments. If you suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or arthiritis, exercising regularly can help reduce the symptoms. If you are exercising to improve your resistance to certain ailments it is advisable that you consult your doctor for advice. They will be able to tell you the best exercises for your particular condition. For example, intensive running is unlikely to be suitable for people suffering from arthiritis.

4) IMPROVED MENTAL CAPACITY:- There are a number of theories that suggest physical exercise can improve your brain. One theory is that the dicipline of sticking to a training routine gives you the dicipline to organise your mind. Another suggestion is that when you exercise you empty your mind of the stress and worries associated with your life and become easily focussed. A third theory is that physical exercise triggers a feeling of happiness and relaxation because it promotes the release of additional chemicals (some believe endorphins, others believe anandamide).

5) IMPROVED RELAXATION:- If you exercise regularly you have a number of slots each week which allow you to escape from everything else that is going on in your life. You can use this time to think about anything you want without any worries. This may be the only time you get to truly relax and escape from your 'normal life'. Regular exercise also increases your body temperature and has a soothing effect which lowers your anxiety and stress levels and helps you sleep more soundly.

As you can see fitness training has many positive benefits. If you do not exercise regularly at the moment why not give it a try? You do not have much to lose and there are potentially massive benefits to gain.

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