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Florida Child Support Payments

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The Florida Department of Revenue has been administering the Florida Child Support Enforcement Program since the year 1994. The child support payment will be decided after the parents file for a divorce. Normally the amount to be paid is calculated in accordance to the income of both the parents, or only one parent who is the only one having an income, and then the orders are passed by the court. The intention of child support payment is to provide for the basic living needs of minor children, or children over 18 years old who attend school. The court may direct any of the parents irrespective of their gender to support their children.

Normally the amount fixed for child support is not changed under any circumstances with the exception that court may change the amount of child support payments when there is a change in the circumstances of the parents involved. There may be occasions when the non-custodial parent his or her job or may become disabled. Under such circumstances the court will change the amount they are required to pay. Again if the income of the non-custodial parent increases in future, the court may order them to pay additional child support. For example, if you have made advances in your career as well as income, but you continue to pay the child support that was decided earlier, in that case, the court may direct you to pay higher child support amount and will not allow you to continue to make the earlier payment that was fixed.

For making changes in the payment of the amount of child support a parent should request the court to make a modification of the same. The court will then hold modification hearings. During these hearings, both the parents must submit proof and evidences that their circumstances have changed and that modification is absolutely necessary. The concerned parents will have to submit tax returns, termination letters, payroll check stubs, medical records of any disability, or evidence of receipt of government assistance such as unemployment benefits as a proof and evidence, for perusal of the court.

In Florida child support payments orders' can be changed only by the judge of the court. However, if both the parents mutually agree to modify the Florida Child Support Payments without going to court, then that agreement may be enforceable in the state of Florida.

There may be cases when the parents share joint custody of a child. Under such circumstances both the parents must work together and share the right and responsibility to decide the health, education and other welfare and upbringing issues. In such cases, the children often spend half of the time with their mother and the other half with their father.

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