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Behemoth Google always so outstanding and encouraging. Have you ever read the article:"10 fun facts you didn't know about google"? If didn't, search it for your fun! Here i have another Google entertainment resource to share with you - Google full movie.

As the world's largest online video sharing web site, YouTube, only in "Life In A Day" video gallery column, 80,000 videos were submitted on YouTube from 197 countries a day. People around the world upload 24 hours of video Every Minute and watch more than 2 Billion videos every day. Amazing, eh? But it's only YouTube, don't forget its bro "Google Videos".

When i say Google Videos, it doesn't looks like words itself means, that's the video search result in Google video search engine, it shows many different video sharing web sites around the world, such as Google video, YouTube, YouTube HD, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Yahoo video, Viemo, Veoh etc. So, how to search and download Google Videos onto your computer? Let's have a look!

The Realplayer issue has been discussed for several years. As Media Player, surely it works great; As Realplayer Downloader, also it's convenient. The drawback is that it failed to works well on some browsers, e.g. different versions of Google Chrome and Firefox. Also someone said that Firefox and Chrome had updates that knocked out the downloader function. Well, whatever, Realplayer always exist a real: any browser's updating might affect its Downloader function. However, i don't mind to try the other ways, here i share a full movie downloader - Video Sharer with you. It's for free!

Two ways to search for full movie on Google Videos:

1. Go to Google Video search engine: you can replace "com" as "fr" "es" etc to other languages ). Free full length movies at Google Video can be found simply by going to the "Advanced Search" and change the drop-down "Duration" menu to "longer than twenty minutes", then search!

2. Open Google Video search webpage, type searching words like "Full Movie Shrek", then click Search. Then on the left side of the search result, click "Long(20+min.)", you'll find the full length movies.

Two ways to free download full movies, step by step:

1. Free download a tiny program Asharer Video Sharer, install and launch.

2. Open a video from the search results, copy the video URL, click "Add URL", then just hit "OK" and the video is downloading. Also, for some video sites like youtube, you can use a totally new way to download videos: Tick "Automatic capture", then open an online video, you'll find the video is downloading on the interface. Impressing and convenient!

3. Get the downloaded Google Videos by click "Open Video Folder". You can also use the YouTube video search engine on the software, and click "Preview" to watch video online via the Full Movie Downloader - Video Sharer. Moreover, it also supports batch download videos and batch convert video at the same time.

For more info about multimedia Guides&Tips, video tutorial Free Video Downloader. Also you can go to Guides&Tips Blog Video Converter Feature.

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