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Dating: Why Do Beautiful Women Go Out With Ugly Men

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We give you the low down on one of the greatest mysteries in the dating scene - ugly men dating beautiful women. Here is your chance to get a sneak peek into the minds of men and women on this touchy topic.

The men reading this article will be able to relate to the common scenario of walking down the street with your buddies on the way to a night out and walking past an odd looking couple - she is looking totally hot - he just looks like MR. (below) Average! Why, oh why, me and my buddies ask each other!

Just ask any guy "What is the reason beautiful women go out with ugly men" Answer: money. And why wouldn't we think that way. We see attractive 20 year old women bunkering down with 80 year old men who are filthy rich. Forgive me for assuming this type of arrangement is driven by money but this is one instance that assumption can be forgiven.

This presumption could not be further from the real fact. Admittedly, having fiscal stableness does help a man find a fine-looking woman, however this is not the most significant aspect. These scenarios combine various traits that will assist a man to find the woman of his dreams.

As with many things in life, we get stuck into thinking the same way about certain issues and topics that restrict our real potentials. By opening our minds and allowing the thought that anyone can date a beautiful woman will in fact see you achieve this very wish. One of the most wise pieces of information my dear old Dad gave me was to never assume anything about anyone, every person has their own set of rules and vices because no one is perfect, and that includes beautiful women.

Online dating sites also continue to defy the logic many men have adopted when it comes to beautiful women dating ugly men. We hear many stories of these types of hook ups thanks to online dating. Sure, most people like to go out and sow their wild oats once in a while, but there comes a time in our lives when material things and cosmetic beauty becomes unimportant.

Beauty is literally only skin deep. And switched on women know this so the need to find a great man goes way beyond his skin.

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