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Get Good Luck - Simple Exercise To Attract More Lucky Breaks

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Lucky breaks by tradition have had the myth of only being enjoyed by a few. But now by using these simple but powerful principles, you can increase your chances of attracting wealth generating lucky breaks yourself.

Before you mark this message off as being baloney, look at it this way, what have you got to lose by trying? You've read this far. If you've read to this point that alone says this message attracts something in you. Haven't you ever wondered how some people seem to have all the luck, and thought for at lease a few seconds how they do it?  Many people no smarter, harder working or even deserving than you are? In fact, many seem to work less and are less deserving than you are.

If you've ever wondered about that, and I'm sure you have, we all have at one time or another, here's a key principle. Luck doesn't discriminate. The rich can get lucky, the poor, the intelligent, the dumb, even the criminal. But one point they all have in common is managing to be at the right place at the right time. They recognized an opportunity at acted on it. True enough, many times luck can find many people without them doing anything. But if you'll examine closer you'll find some action, however small, was performed before the lucky break took place.

What were the actions? A ticket was purchased, a question was asked, a location was traveled to, a chance conversation took place, a word was spoken or heard. Those are a few examples, but they're dozens maybe hundreds more. Here's A Simple Exercise To Help You Attract More Lucky Breaks.

Look For Lucky Break Examples
This is a simple  but powerful exercise. That's right I said exercise. Just like exercising can build your physical muscles, there's also a way to build your lucky break muscles. When you build those muscles you'll find yourself starting to recognize lucky breaks quicker and act on them. It's surprising how many people walk past, around and over lucky breaks everyday.

For example, have you ever saw a simple invention, product, business or service that was successful that made you slap your forehead and say "why didn't I think of that? Of course you have, we all have. But that proves my point. Often the product is so simple most people overlooked it, except that one person who saw opportunity and acted on it. I guarantee many people will call that person lucky. But somehow by accident or on purpose that persons lucky break muscles was fit enough to recognize opportunity. They recognized opportunity when perhaps dozens of other people walked pass the opportunity.

The best way to exercise your lucky break muscles is by watching television or listening to the radio. Sounds easy so far right? But you'll be an active watcher and listener now. Why? Because you're looking for examples of lucky breaks and how people recognize and act on them. For example, you'll be looking for them in television shows, news reports and interviews and documentaries. Another good place to see examples is on biography type channels, where success stories are told of famous people.

Television and radio is the best places to see examples of people experiencing lucky breaks. Why? Because you can see them in living color. Another way is to read books of successful people and look for what I call the turning point moments, that's when the person went from average to lucky. Every lucky person has a turning point where they took the risk, the action or said the words that turned their luck around. While you're watching, listening or reading all this your mind and brain is doing something wonderful. Know What?  They're building your lucky break muscles. Try it and remember luck comes easiest to those who prepare themselves.

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