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Getting Rid of Mice Using Home Remedies

by Robert Fogarty
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When you find yourself with a mouse problem the sooner you get a handle on it the better, because before you know a problem with a dozen or so mice can quickly turn into an invasion.

1. Mint When it comes to getting rid of mice using home remedies this is a popular choice. You can stop mice from entering into your home by planting mint plants along the foundation of your home. If you need help now then sprinkle mint leaves along the part of your foundation where the mice are known to enter. You must replace leaves regularly if you want them to continue to work.

2. Peppermint Oil Mice don't like the scent of peppermint. Take a cotton ball and soak in peppermint oil, then place where you believe the mice are coming in. Of course it may take several cotton balls strategically placed to aid in getting rid of mice entering your home.

3. Remove Their Source of Food This may seem pretty straight forward, yet it's the number one reason why getting rid of mice can be difficult. As long as you have food they can get into they will keep trying to come back. Get rid of the food source and they will go elsewhere. Remove food from lower cabinets, and place foods in glass jars or plastic containers.

4. Mothballs Mice will move indoors as soon as the weather turns and getting rid of mice whether in your home or your garage can be quite the challenge. Start by placing mothballs around the foundation perimeter of your buildings. You can also place mothballs in the cupboards and drawers to deter the mice.

5. Bay Leaves Sprinkling bay leave in the kitchen cupboards and in the pantry has worked well for some in getting rid of mice.

6. Steel Wool Mice can enter through the tiniest of openings. Use steel wool to plug any small openings where you believe the mice may be gaining entry. Steel wool is difficult for the mice to gnaw their way through.

7. Flour If you are having trouble determining where these pesky pests are getting into your home sprinkle flour around suspect areas and on the floor against the walls.

8. Onions When it comes to getting rid of mice onions can be your best friends since mice find the smell of onions offensive.

9. Ammonia Like onion mice do not like the smell of ammonia. Place a small bowl of ammonia in the areas you are having problems with the mice. The biggest drawback is that ammonia is also offensive to most humans. However, if you are getting rid of mice in a shop or shed this could work.

10. Peanut Butter Yet another strategy in getting rid of mice is to lure them into the trap you've laid and peanut butter is an excellent bait. They can't steal the peanut butter it before the trap goes off.

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