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I've spent the past 30 years taking orders, giving orders, managing, manipulating, being managed, learning, teaching, being inspired, blaming, making excuses and taking responsibility for decisions good and bad, as they affect companies of all sizes -- names you'd easily recognize and names you've never heard. So, big deal! After this amount of time, I have gained lots of experience and substantial wisdom. I thank God for it all.

MY purpose is to share it with you. To help prepare you for the battle. To show you that your greatest asset and your biggest problem is you. The focus is on subjects that look at people and company processes from the inside out. Hopefully, some eyes will be opened.

Some of you may want to crucify me. That's OK. If you are thinking there is hope. I have already made the decision to endure the criticism. Discomfort comes as the truth invades your space. Think back; you always learned the most when you were the most uncomfortable.

My practice consists of Vision/Mission/Core Value development or refinement, Messaging -- what to say, when and how, People Productivity issues such as "I'm too busy to accomplish anything". plus Customer Experience Management, which brings it all together.

All of these areas are becoming more and more critical to consumers of products and services of all types plus one more, corporate character. Now, I'm not just talking about image. We have put too much emphasis on image. Image is superficial but character is deep-rooted. It is the difference between satisfaction and loyalty. Satisfied customers are, not necessarily, loyal customers. Tiger Woods is now living this reality. As a person and a brand, evaluations are being made all over the world. Turns out, he is all image. Sort of like the US economy of the past including the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations. We seem to deal with the surface issues but don't go to the root of the issues. The reasons are simple. Politicians won't get re-elected dealing with the real problems.

At the root of most problems today is FEAR! Fear is the driving force in our reactions to invasions of our comfort zone. We react, by becoming fearful, and realize we must change something. Most people don't like change. The truth is they are afraid of it. They will begin to spin or disguise the truth to look good. They will make excuses or blame others. However, the truth has a way of hunting you down. It will show up in high turnover rates, unsuccessful advertising programs, people who are in the dark about their job but are too afraid to admit it, no unity of purpose, poor financial performance plus complaining, inside and outside the company.

When FEAR runs things, there will be a wide gap between what you say you believe and what you do. This creates confusion and confusion is also rooted in fear. Just measure your current thoughts about Tiger Woods. His "image" did not match the reality. He was being portrayed as a character guy but truly wasn't. The good news is that if you are willing to change, eliminating the gap between what you say and what you do, victory will be yours. This will be measured by improved productivity, unity of purpose, lower turnover rates, loyal customers and a bottom line that will put a smile on many faces.

Success is the affirmation of good management. Tribulation is the affirmation of bad management. In fact, if there is a problem with a company, a division, a department, a product or a supplier, in seeking the answer to what is wrong, start with the person in charge. If they have plenty of excuses or people to blame, that is someone in need of a career adjustment.

Truly responsible people know what they can do. They also do not go beyond the scope of their ability and they will not make excuses. That person is someone to keep, even if they become involved in or are being blamed for some problem. The "blamer" is the one you cannot trust.

A person or company of character will create reasons to succeed. They will stay focused on doing what is right. Too many people build images of the negative things that are going to happen. Did you know that most of the things in your life that you think are going to happen, don't? So, where did we get such "stinking thinking"? It is training. From experience, education, movies, television and other people, we make judgments that we are neither entitled to or have the wisdom to make. We make them because of fear. Fear is a very destructive force. Why? Because we have built the image of what will happen based on an assumption. We all know what happens when we assume. Here is a great way to look at fear. False Evidence Appearing Real. When fear strikes, do a reality check.

There is too much fear today -- in people and in companies. Let's expose fear to the light of the truth. It is good for you, your people and your customers. Take a look. What is promoting fear in your company or life?

Jerry Moore is a principal at The JW Moore Group of Santa Monica, CA. He can be reached at or Or read his blog at

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