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Guide In Using Semi-Permanent Bond For Hair Replacement System

by Cherry Bonachita
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When attaching hair replacement system, you have the option to attach it through semi-permanent bond. This stays in the head for about 6 week. However, you should expect to have it maintained every now and then. Maintenance will not only make the unit last long, it would also be good for you. You will be able to clean the scalp underneath; removing residues and particle build-up when the hair piece is in use. Below are guides on how to employ semi-permanent bonding.

* When you use bonding, you should buy two units of hair pieces. While you clean the other piece, you have something to wear. Maintenance means cleaning the unit and drying it. This take few days so in those days, you need to wear the second piece.

* The adhesive need to be placed in your scalp. This means that the scalp have to be clean and clear. If there is small remaining hair within the area, it could be shaved off so that the hair piece will be bonded properly.

* Since bonded hair pieces needs constant maintenance, you need to learn how to clean it yourself if you want to save money. The hair piece builds up adhesive residue consistently. If you can't clean it yourself, then you will have to spend considerable amount to have a salon clean it for you.

Overall, you can have natural looking hair with hair pieces that are semi-permanently attached. However, you need to consider that your scalp underneath needs to be clean always. Also, since it uses adhesive, there could be residue in the unit. If you keep the guides above, you would keep the maintenance, reduce the costs involved with it and get the natural-looking hair.

Cherry Bonachita offers hair replacement methods for baldness. Know the extent of your hair loss and find appropriate solutions here.

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