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Tips and Tricks on Hanging Christmas Lights

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If you are looking into buying Christmas lights for your house or yard, it is important that you make sure the lights are for outdoor use. A lot of Christmas lights are made for both indoor and outdoor use. If this is the case, they should work fine outdoors. If they aren't made for the outdoors, you might have a problem when bad weather comes.

It is crucial that you test your Christmas lights and untangle them before you start hanging them up. It is a horrible feeling when you are done hanging up all your Christmas lights and you find out that they don't work. If there happens to be a bulb that is not working, it is much easier to change it while in your home than when it is already on your house. You don't want to have to be outside in the cold while replacing a bulb, so always test first. It is very easy to test your lights, just plug them into an outlet in your home. The next step is to find any bulbs that aren't working. Then use needle nosed pliers to get rid of the broken bulb. You then can replace this bulb with a brand new one. Oftentimes, Christmas lights will come with extra bulbs so make sure to never throw these away. You never know when you might need them. You might be able to find extra bulbs in stores, but why would you want to when they come with the Christmas lights already? Once you have inspected every bulb, you can then untangle the lights by wrapping them around your arm repeatedly. By putting them in a coil like this, you won't have to suffer while hanging them. Be sure to find an extension cord before you hang up the lights so as not to cause a problem later.

In terms of decoration, bushes and shrubs are incredibly simple. All you need to do is hang them in every direction until you are satisfied. When night comes, nothing will be visible except for the lights and it can be a very cool effect. But if you want your lights to be hung in a orderly fashion, you should consider buying a light net. This is an easy way to make your lights look nice and neat. All you need to do is place the center of the net on the very top of the plant and it will drape down to cover the entire thing.

If you don't have any shrubs or bushes in your yard you could always wind the lights around the trunks of trees. This is common practice in Florida and California where palm trees are all over the place. People will wind lights up the trunks as high as they can. Plus, it's very beautiful in the dark. They kind of look like candy canes.

Some people will decorate their houses. While this might look cool, hanging lights on your house can be dangerous. You should always have a stable ladder when you want to hang lights up in high places. Make sure to always check that the ladder is on sturdy ground whenever you move it. You can test this by shaking the ladder a little bit. If the ladder is not on level ground move it over an inch or two until the ladder does not tip over at all. To be even safer, get a friend or relative to hold the ladder while you hang the lights. If someone is holding the ladder, this will make it harder for the ladder to fall over. Ladder safety is no laughing matter and should always be taken into account. If an accident does happen, you might be spending Christmas seriously injured.

You might want to consider using gutter clips when hanging lights on your house. These clips are incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is hook them on the gutter and then onto the lights. The best part is you don't have to ruin your house by putting nails into it. Putting nails into your house is time consuming and old-fashioned. Do you really want to waste your day hammering nails into your house? You should only consider putting nails into your house if you want to hang lights over your window or door frame, as gutter hooks probably won't work. There should be Christmas light hooks in any department or mass merchandiser store. There are temporary plastic hooks, but these are known to come off very easily. There are tons of different clips, nails, and hooks that are offered. You should shop around in your local home improvement store to see which method of hanging your lights will work for you.

Once the holidays are over, make sure to store your lights and hooks in a proper place where they will not be damaged.

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