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How I Lost 3-Inches in Just Three Days

Lose 3-inches In 3 Days by
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I want to share something amazing with you. What I'm about to tell you will seem unbelievable but it is very true! This is not about losing weight but about losing fat and cellulite, which is losing inches. This fantastic product is called Ultimate Body Wrap. It is safe and easy to use with natural botanicals as its ingredients.

Do you want to reduce the signs of cellulite? Do you have belly rolls when you sit down? Do you want to fit into your favorite jeans again? Would you like tighter/firmer skin tone? Would you like to reduce wrinkles and fine lines? How about reducing stretch marks? Would you like to release toxic buildup in your system?

The Ultimate Body Wrap can do all that! Below is my personal testimony of how the body wrap worked for me, and how I lost 3-inches in just three days. You can also lose inches, body fat and cellulite in just three days!

When my friend first told me how I could lose fat cells from applying a cloth with some lotion on it onto my belly, I was skeptical and I laughed in her face. But she kept pestering me to try the body wrap. Just so I could tell her "see I told you it wouldn't work", I begrudgingly complied. And am I glad that I did!

My Testimony Using Ultimate body Wrap

March 30, 2009 -- 7:00 pm: I first measured my midriff, belly and hip area. I applied the wrap. I logged my measurements on a piece of paper. I marked my side with a felt pen so I would know exactly where I put the tape measure. I knew that I would be measuring my stomach area again just to show my friend that this stuff really doesn't take inches off.

I placed the wrap over my midriff and then wrapped a piece of cellophane around me to hold the wrap in place. It felt tingly and cool against my skin. It also smelled really good, like eucalyptus. The tingling lasted for about an hour but continued to feel cool and soothing on my skin.

March 30, 2009 -- 9:00 pm: After two hours I took off the wrap and massaged the remaining herbal lotion into my skin. My stomach felt tighter and smoother. I measured myself and couldn't believe what I was actually seeing. I was almost two inches smaller! I was shocked to say the least. I jumped up and down with joy. Even my husband got excited over this stuff and that is a miracle.

March 31, 2009 -- 10:00 am: The next morning I measured myself again and I lost another half inch. "How can this be", I say to myself? "I'm not even wearing the wrap any longer". Well, after reading more about this product I realized that the botanicals, which I will talk about in a minute, are still working together to shrink fat cells! The herbs work in your system for up to 72 hours afterwards!

April 1, 2009 -- 9:30 am: The next day, I measured myself again and I lost another inch of fat off my belly area! And now I am here to tell you about this powerful poultice that when applied to your skin will actually reduce fat, cellulite, and inches. It is unbelievable!

If I didn't firmly believe in this product, I wouldn't be writing about it. But the Ultimate Body Wrap is an awesome product. It is very safe to use because it only uses natural botanicals. It will really make you lose body fat and inches! Measurements don't lie. Not only that, but it expels toxins from the lymphatic system, making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated for days.

How Does The Ultimate Body Wrap Work?

In a nutshell, the wrap is composed of botanicals that work to break down stored fat cells and release toxins. When the herbs are combined together they work on the lymphatic system, which allows for toxins to be released through body elimination.

The tingling sensation you will feel on your skin while wearing the wrap are the herbal properties working through your pores into blood vessels and capillaries, releasing toxins and breaking down fat.

The Ultimate body Wrap works on your skin just like an herbal poultice would. It is advised to drink lots of water while wearing the wrap and 72 hours afterwards to ensure efficient release of toxins. Most of the herbs used in the wrap are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, skin toners, and cell regeneration promoters. You can see all of the ingredients in the wrap by going to my website.

I know that herbs are powerful healers because I have studied, grown and used herbs for years. So is it any wonder that when we apply such powerful herbs on our biggest organ, the skin, that we would see and feel results almost immediately?

I would strongly consider the Ultimate Body Wrap to be a simple but mild form of liposuction. Now you don't have to have dangerous, evasive surgery done when you can safely do the very same thing for yourself using nature's cupboard, and for a fraction of the cost!

The "do it yourself" body wrap is a must have for anyone who wants to experience the power of herbs going to work on their body. A healthy body means healthy attitude. The Ultimate body Wrap when used in conjunction with a wholesome diet and exercise will make your feel good about the way you look. You are your body's best friend - treat it well.

Because I have used this product and loved the results I can absolutely guarantee that you will love it too. But watch out! It can become addicting. I would be thrilled to answer any questions you may have about this product.

To see before and after photos and testimonies of others who have used the Ultimate body Wrap click here: I would love to hear from you, give me a call or send me an email.

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